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Totally lame ad, or… Scientology Trap!

Oh Tom Cruise. Only a 124? Is this really an IQ test, or is it a Scientology Facebook trap! Oh those tricky Scientologists… I guess sitting around in the Union Square subway station just isn’t bringing in enough cult initiates.

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GRL’s James Powderly Detained in Beijing

EYEBEAM PRESS RELEASE: No word from the American artist 24 hours after being taken into Chinese custody. Powderly was in Beijing to unveil a project made with pro-Tibet activist group. New York City, August 19, 2008, 7:30PM EST- Artist and Eyebeam alum James Powderly was detained by Chinese authorities in Beijing early Wednesday, according to […]

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NYT: Coming to Central Park – A 7,500-Square-Foot Mobile Chanel Ad With an Artistic Mission

Several readers of this site forwarded this story to me while I was on vacation. I’ll let you read the whole thing and I’ll pick apart some details below. Basically Chanel is renting out Central Park for millions of dollars to install a temporary exhibition (the structure is in the photograph above) of artist responses […]

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Dangerous Business

Now, I like your freedom of speech as much as the next gal—technically more, probably—but i’m not about to get all up in arms because some ad industry blog has been receiving death threats for discussing a campaign that links government-backed violence, human rights violations, the Olympic Games, and the Chinese government. Especially when journalists, […]

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Orbitz Ad: Distinct Lack of Imagination

“Michael Kraus saw the alert about the long taxi line. So he called his brother who lives nearby and got a ride home. Now he owes him a turkey sandwich.” So advertising is about imagining potential futures. It is about hope, and aspirations and dreams. Is getting a ride home from the airport all those […]

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Two Weeks Notice

We know you’re probably thinking it’s better to stick with your cushy job in advertising, marketing, or PR. Sure, you’re saying to yourself, there’s more you’d like to do with your life, more you had hoped for, but advertising pays the bills. There’s a retirement program, and they have a fridge with free sodas. We […]

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“The reason I have eyeballs is because of my irreverence.”

Emily returns with another in our series on mommy bloggers! Today the New York Times reports on a “trend” of women bloggers as a target for advertising. Advertisers are betting that the trust and intimacy that come from talking about sex after motherhood or reading about a blogger’s battle with postpartum depression will translate into […]

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At least they learn young

thanks for the tip, Toban. See more at Consumerist

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Municipal Art Society – OUTRAGE! Nasty Newsracks

New video from the Municipal Art Society: YouTube – OUTRAGE! Nasty Newsracks

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Buenos Aires to Remove 40 Thousand Billboards to Fight Visual Pollution

this just in from Treehugger (thanks Sam!) (Photo: alex-s.) The Buenos Aires government and a group of advertising associations have agreed to remove 40 thousand billboards that are infracting the city’s code, Clarin newspaper informed. This represents about 60% of the total amount of billboards. This agreement is part of a government plan to put […]

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“We’re All Going To Die,” Industry Laments . . . Again

An article in yesterday’s AdAge titled “Ad Skipping? Just Wait. It’s Going to Get Worse.” bemoans last week’s US Court of Appeals ruling that would allow—oh, it’s bad—”network DVR” technology, essentially allowing viewers at home to watch whatever they want on cable, whenever they want to watch it, without buying any fancy new equipment or […]

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NYC: Pandamonium

Pandamonium is a costumed, roving, street party, apocalyptic, dance, rock, battle. Saturday August 16th, Meetup 8:30 pm Union Square NYC! This comes from several trusted sources. Everything else about it is secret. Have some fun on Saturday before summer ends and it’s too cold to roam around the city dancing in a panda constume with […]

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I’m not going to link to it

I’m not going to link to it, because if I do, they win. There is a mock-scandalous advertisement out there for cologne, or underwear, (or cologne-and-underwear) that has some actress showing some nipple. They submitted it for TV, got rejected, and are now all mock-righteous. OF COURSE IT WAS GOING TO BE REJECTED! That was […]

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Join Us!

It’s just 3 weeks until the deadline for the 1st Annual AAAFFFA (Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom Award). You could be the winner of over $700 in cash, a giant check, and a career of freedom! All you have to do is quit your job in advertising and use those wonderful talents you’ve developed for […]

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So why can they sell the street?

This is an amazing interview with Tom14 which illustrates the important link between street art and community. It speaks to the destruction of public space and street arts role in defying what many consider the inevitable “progression” of neighborhoods away from what community members consider their home. To interact with your environment is to stake […]

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