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New Lauren Greenfield video on NY Times

I was recently reminded of the work of Lauren Greenfield (wikipedia) when I came across an excellent video she made for the New York Times Magazine. Her photography show, “Girl Culture,” was at a museum in Tucson several years ago when I coincidentally wandered in and became a fan on the spot. My wife and […]

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No more junk mail!

Junk mail is annoying. This is obvious, it’s why it’s called “junk.” It’s also why my friend Bob’s worst enemy signed him up to every mass marketing campaign as part of a prolonged vendetta which also includes logging a noise complaint every time he plays music in his apartment (which I have to admit is […]

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Shopdropping Workshop in San Francisco

The Anti-Advertising Agency’s own Amanda Eicher of PeopleProducts123 will be hosting a free shopdropping workshop at Southern Exposure in San Francisco on Thursday June 28th from 5 to 8pm. She’ll be presenting the workshop in her hometown after doing several workshops in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York earlier this year. Attendees will hear about PeopleProducts123, […]

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City fights illegal gig posters with CANCELLED stickers

In a remarkable “Plate of Shrimp”/cosmic unsconsiousness type event, this popped up on BoingBoing today. City fights illegal gig posters with CANCELLED stickers The city council of Glasgow is fighting illegal handbills with science: they’re paying city workers to go around and stick “cancelled” stickers on all the illegal gig posters put up around town. […]

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Oprah, baby, please let me DeTouch you…

My Mom recently expressed exasperation at a toothy magazine cover of Oprah Winfrey. “She’s the same age as me, so why doesn’t she have bags under her eyes and everything else?” The answer is, of course, the vanity tag-team of plastic surgery and photo airbrushing! Thanks to Evan Roth, a senior fellow at the Eyebeam […]

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