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Confusing on several levels…

Welcome Kelli Anderson, our newest latest on the Anti-Advertising Agency site. Kelli worked on the New York Times Special Edition designing ads for Dr. Zizmor among other things. Welcome Kelli! “For sale” realty signs are a familiar sight in post-real-estate-bubble Williamsburg. It was only a matter of time until some super clever ad exec co-opted […]

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Drunk Depressed Penguins

Right… so the penguins are loosing their habitat, so what is the solution? DRINK! Denial and commerce: it is the American way.

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Yes, please, can I pay for your spam!?

Marisa pointed out this hilarious SPAM FAIL. After registering for *free* tickets to a concert, she was prompted to pay $25… for “xxxxx” spam. Really. Pay for spam. Though it is so badly mangled that it is unclear if they were selling advertising or selling spam. Overall, total spam FAIL

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Orbitz Ad: Distinct Lack of Imagination

“Michael Kraus saw the alert about the long taxi line. So he called his brother who lives nearby and got a ride home. Now he owes him a turkey sandwich.” So advertising is about imagining potential futures. It is about hope, and aspirations and dreams. Is getting a ride home from the airport all those […]

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World’s Worst Person Decides To Go Into Marketing

Louis Deenan is the World’s Worst Person. He is going into marketing. He says, “I think it’s the career path that will best utilize my networking skills and my ability to think outside the box,” said Deenan, whose smug, gloating tone and shit-eating smile just make you want to punch his goddamn teeth in. “So […]

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Weekend of Independence Workshops: Saturday July 5, Chicago oFFFice

The co-founders of the Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom, Steve Lambert, CEO of the Anti-Advertising Agency, and Anne Elizabeth Moore, Executive Director of the Foundation For Freedom, present four FREE workshops this weekend at our oFFFices to celebrate your personal independence from oppressive working conditions! The Workshops 1:00pm Redefining Your Skillset: Putting Together a Great […]

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Advertising Age: “We Hate Ourselves”

Ok, I’m paraphrasing. Here’s some choice excerpts from the piece: Self-loathing has become all too commonplace in marketing, as Bridge Worldwide CEO Jay Woffington sees it, and not entirely without reason. Young marketers or agency executives don’t take long to learn they’ve dedicated their lives to creating stuff people seek to avoid, and with increasing […]

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Testify!: AAAFFF Testimonials From Real (and Former!) Ad Pros

I’ll plan to update these regularly, but for now, here are just a few of the comments that have come across my desk at the AAAFFF since taking over the ED position: “I have worked for the past 4 years (since I graduated from a very prestigious culinary school) doing R&D for a food manufacturer […]

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Foundation For Freedom announces grant program: The 2008 AAAFFFA

Introducing the newest and latest Anti-Advertising Agency project from Steve Lambert and Anne Elizabeth Moore. Let’s face it: everyone hates advertising. Be honest! Even you, Mr. or Ms. Man in the Grey Flannel Suit: when you go on vacation you prefer a remote locale, far away from the hustle and bustle of billboards, commercial radio, […]

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