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Nick Kroll: “Mom, I wanna stay hydrated but I ALSO wanna rock n roll!!”

“Mom, I wanna stay hydrated but I ALSO wanna rock n roll!! Why doesn’t dad live with us anymore? And why do you drink white wine out of a coffee mug in the car? I HATE my new computer!” via the very funny Nick Kroll

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Brand Jacking and Subvertising (from Rocketboom)

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Public Ad Campaign’s Recent Five

1-Does anyone care who Henry Matyjewicz is? I don’t. Why the PosterBoy revolution isn’t about superheroes that look like James Dean. 2-It’s better to get up than not, Shepard Fairey does it legally but with spectacular effect. 3-SCRUB wants you to know how the Newsstand Association of Philadelphia is trying to alter the city streets, […]

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Charlie Brooker’s 10 Biggest Cocks and She-Cocks in Advertising… ever!

See also: Charlie Brooker’s 10 Biggest Cocks in Advertising

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For all the graffiti haters…

Ironworkers spray paint names of young cancer patients onto the beams of the Yawkey Center going up at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  The building’s steel skeleton is now a brightly colored, seven-story monument to scores of children receiving treatment at the clinic. from, photo by David Ryan

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The Art of Subvertising on NYC Interactive

Jordan Selier, Packard Jennings, and I are all featured in a NYC Interactive piece on “subvertising.”  You can see a video of Jordan installing his work in a phone booth and a slideshow where I briefly explain Add-Art.

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PublicAdCampaign’s Recent Five

Introducing our newest contributor, Jordan Seiler! Jordan usually writes over at Public Ad Campaign and is a primary driver behind an AAA associated project,  Jordan is known for his unabashed position on reclaiming advertising space for art.  He not only calls for civil disobedience, but follows through in his own actions. For the past […]

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New on Add-Art: Net Art 1.0

Add-Art is the Firefox addon that replaces ads on the internet with rotating curated art images. Developed by myself and several others surrounding Eyebeam over the past 2 years, it’s free, will speed up your browsing, and features contemporary art that changes every 2 weeks.  We just released a new version, so install it now! […]

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Some things I’ve been meaning to tell you

“Bomb-proof” trash cans in London – Part of “bomb proofing” a trash can includes attaching television that plays ads on the side.  How many trash cans are exploding in London? What ever happened to David Yassky’s proposal to bring ads to Brooklyn’s trash cans? This guy Dan Paluska has a nice brief post that ties […]

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In Paris, an anti-ad insurgency – Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Paris — Over the centuries, the French have cultivated the fine art of rebellion. The list of targets encompasses tyrants, wars, colonialism and, above all, capitalism in its many manifestations. The latest enemy may seem unlikely: billboards. The Dismantlers, as a nationwide group of anti-ad crusaders call themselves, aren’t violent or loud or […]

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No one cares that much about Butterfinger

What do you do when no one cares about your brand? AAA reader James Ewert reports: So apparently Butterfinger doesn’t think Chicagoans value the surface area of their skulls. Next Thursday the candy bar is making a desperate plea for attention by inviting folks to a Chicago barbershop to shave their heads and have a […]

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Poster Boy; NYPD You’ve Got The Wrong Man!

According to the New York Times, “Poster Boy” was arrested on Saturday night. While most other street or graffiti artists concentrate on adding their own imagery, illegally, to parts of the subway system, Poster Boy, a kind of anti-consumerist Zorro with a razor blade, a sense of humor and a talent for collage, has made […]

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Hacked Electronic Signs

This is making the rounds could inspire some creative action: There’s a set of instructions on how to hack the signs floating around the internet. My favorite series is over on the MIT site. Thanks Kelli Anderson for the tip!

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