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“Live without dead time”

For those of you in New York City, tonight provides a rare opportunity to see one of Guy DeBord’s Situationist films during “Views from the Avant Garde” at the New York Film Festival. The film is called ” In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.” It’s very rare and, from what I hear, VERY inspiring. […]

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Light Criticism ast IGVF Milan

AAA Project, Light Criticism made an appearance in the International Guerilla Video Festival in Milan. The Festival was held on Corso Como, a street in Milan that has plenty of outdoor advertising. The video was projected onto the streets alongside billboards and commercial shops.

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Olympic ad wrap up: We at the AAA can’t have much of an olympic ad piss party because we were so disgusted by the political and social justice issues surrounding the olympics themselves. We were too busy watching our friends and allies get abused, detained and harassed while most tv viewers drooled over swimmers’ abdominals. […]

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“The reason I have eyeballs is because of my irreverence.”

Emily returns with another in our series on mommy bloggers! Today the New York Times reports on a “trend” of women bloggers as a target for advertising. Advertisers are betting that the trust and intimacy that come from talking about sex after motherhood or reading about a blogger’s battle with postpartum depression will translate into […]

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AAAFFF On Chicago Public Radio

This morning Chicago Public Radio’s show Eight Forty Eight did a piece on the Anti-Advertising Agency’s Foundation for Freedom. The promise of cable TV all those years ago was that by paying for the service, you could avoid the commercials. That promise has faded, with most cable and satellite channels carrying just as many ads […]

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…The greatest love of all

Reality TV has never been anything but a guilty pleasure for me. In high school I shunned my friends for watching the first season of Survivor and at home, if someone walked in on me watching The Real World I would change the channel as quickly as possible. But like it, secretly like it, or […]

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Monsieur Chop Chop

While Packard and Steve were dreaming of an awesome future on the bus stops and billboards of San Francisco, someone else was dreaming up much bloodier situations on the bus stops and billboards of London! An anonymous graffiti hero known as THE DECAPITATOR has been liberally choppin’ off heads, or at least, covering up the […]

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Shop-Dropping in Ma’ariv

Shopdropping article

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Gooble Gobble! We Accept You! Capitalism’s own freak

In West LA, a 56 year old homeless man, John Jermyn, has inspired a clothing “brand” created by a handful of 23 year olds that’s sold alongside Gwen Stefani baby clothes and Posh Spice jeans. John Jermyn’s sister has mentioned that he’s a schizophrenic and that homelessness is a problem that is not being taken […]

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Pirate Ship 2.0

Internet rogues are swashbuckling into your operating system using pirate-like advertising portals. These virus infested banner ads have been popping up on legitimate websites like and and reroute your browser, without clicking, to an antivirus website that automatically downloads harddrive scanning malware disguised as a flash file, trapping you in the site until […]

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So Happy Together, Part Two: Show Me The Money!

Emily Gallagher returns with Part Two of her multi-part examination of advertising and the music industry. Be sure to check out Part One, which gave an overview of how and why advertisers are interested in popular music. And on we go… -Steve This post has been updated! Please see below. Certainly there are musicians who […]

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So Happy Together?

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If only we’d thought of it…

In May 2003, two young filmmakers disguised as “managers” cut the red ribbon and invited 3,000 people to clamor greedily towards a hypermarket that was, in fact, just a tromp-l’oeil billboard. A long, professionally developed and beautiful ad campaign so persuaded guests that they were shocked when the golden promise of 10 cent mineral water […]

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Live active culture!

The blog posted some amazing Brazillian ads for yogurt on Friday. The tagline, when loosely translated, reads, “Forget about it. Men’s preferences will never change.” The images are voluptuous takes on famous film stills. It’s got me thinking, well… why not? Historically tastes have shifted quite a bit. Junichi, the blogger of Poplicks, seems […]

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Webs of Empowerment

I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about the following website. After all, we third wave feminists are always at each others throats for being the “wrong kind” of feminist, since through the past 30 years there have been fads in believing every tangent of contradiction possible. But the website About-Face, I think, […]

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