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You have got to be kidding

Okay, I’m going to come out and probably break with Anti Advertising Agency official policy, and say that I support ad-supported bike share programs. It is kind of making a deal with the devil, but the urban planning benefits have been demonstrated strongly. Getting cars out of the city, is worth the extra visual advertising. […]

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Orbitz Ad: Distinct Lack of Imagination

“Michael Kraus saw the alert about the long taxi line. So he called his brother who lives nearby and got a ride home. Now he owes him a turkey sandwich.” So advertising is about imagining potential futures. It is about hope, and aspirations and dreams. Is getting a ride home from the airport all those […]

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They said it…

“We as a business cannot afford to have a customer take a second look and ask, ‘Do I need this?’ ” said Bud Konheim, the chief executive of Nicole Miller. “That is the kiss of death. We’re finished, because nobody really needs anything we make as a total industry.” from Fashion and Style in the […]

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“Where’s my stickers?”

During the recent rush of attention I ran out of “you don’t need it” stickers and needed to order more. Those came, and then I quickly ran out again. I just dropped a couple hundred letters in the mail box (see photo above) and there’s more stickers on the way. They’re coming! Also, thanks those […]

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No Lo Necesitas

You Don’t Need It, en español. Already on their way to Barcelona and Peru. This sticker accompanies our english version, and english stencil version. As always, available FREE – just send a self addressed stamped envelope to: The Anti-Advertising Agency c/o Eyebeam 540 W. 21st St. New York, NY 10011 We’re relocating! Will be out […]

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You Don’t Need It – Stencil

Just made available a stencil version of our “You Don’t Need It” Sticker. The file is a pdf, which you can scale to any size you like. Glue the paper printout to something heavier, like a manilla folder. Then carefully cut out the black areas with an X-acto knife. The stencil is then ready to […]

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You Don’t Need It – Stickers

Based on the popularity of the Packard Jennings and the Anti-Advertising Agency’s Bus Stop Bench project we had some stickers made. They are easy to carry around town and by placing the stickers onto advertising (or other objects) the ad is detourned, often in humorous and interesting ways. Listen to Steve Lambert talk about the […]

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You Don’t Need It – Stickers

Download an EPS file of the sticker and print your own!

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