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GRL at MoMA on Sunday

Anti-Advertising Agency associates, the Graffiti Research Lab (who worked on the AAA Light Criticism project) will be at the MoMA in nyc on Sunday. I’ll be on an all-star panel with them and other fine folks after the screening. See you there… G.R.L. The Complee7 First Season (Trailer) from fi5e on Vimeo. GRL: The Complete […]

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BLF Escape; Publish Book!

Our pals at San Francisco’s Billboard Liberation Front, feeling the heat after their recent ATT/NSA campaign, “decided to temporarily relocate to safehouses on the European continent.” While hiding out they spoke at The Game is Up! in Ghent Belgium and distributed one of their many valuable texts. The new PDF of their The Art & […]

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Unmarketable in Columbus and Chicago: featuring the AAAFFF and Pamela Anderson in a bikini

Hey! I’m doin’ some stuff! Friday April 25, 6 pm: Wexner Center, 15th and High St., Columbus OH Unmarketable reading and 2008 AAAFFFA application drive (see reviews below) Friday April 25, 8 pm: Sporeprint Infoshop, 172 E 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH Unmarketable slide talk featuring Pamela Anderson (see reviews below) Sunday April 27, 7 pm: […]

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True Colors

Throughout the media circus that is our election season, few have thought to query: but what do the Dutch think? Luckily, Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei and Jonas Staal have been in residence at InCUBATE here in Chicago working steadily on The Barack Obama Project. Their work hones in on the marketing of racial identity […]

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Steve Lambert in Gelf Mag

In the buildup to the undoubtedly massively successful “Non-Motivational Speakers” series at Happy Endings on Thursday, Gelf Magazine has published interviews with Alan Abel, Ron English, and me. Here’s a small excerpt: GM: In utopia, what does the advertising look like? SL: I mean, do we need it? If a good product exists, we’ll know […]

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Official Foundation for Freedom Press Release

Contact: Anne Elizabeth Moore – aem at Steve Lambert – steve at ###FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE### April 17, 2008 ###ANNOUNCING THE 2008 ANTI-ADVERTISING AGENCY FOUNDATION FOR FREEDOM AWARD### ###Fund Offers One Lucky Ad Industry Creative Freedom, Giant Check### CHICAGO—The most creative and forward-thinking professionals of our time work in marketing. The Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation […]

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Steve Lambert on NPR

I stopped in to NPR’s Bryant Park Project this morning to talk about our “You Don’t Need It” stickers. You can listen to the segment through a stream on NPR’s site.

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Foundation For Freedom announces grant program: The 2008 AAAFFFA

Introducing the newest and latest Anti-Advertising Agency project from Steve Lambert and Anne Elizabeth Moore. Let’s face it: everyone hates advertising. Be honest! Even you, Mr. or Ms. Man in the Grey Flannel Suit: when you go on vacation you prefer a remote locale, far away from the hustle and bustle of billboards, commercial radio, […]

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G.R.L. Screening at MoMA – May 4th

Come see the the Graffiti Research Lab‘s DVD which draws sordid connections between the Graffiti Research Lab and the Anti-Advertising Agency. The back story of the AAA/GRL collaboration, Light Criticism, will be exposed, as well as an inside view of the Aqua Teen Boston Terror Meltdown of 2007 you’ll never see elsewhere! Anti-Advertising Agency cohorts, […]

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The Cute Boy on the CTA

It’s my birthday today, so of course I’m off to the amazing Polish salt caves of northern Chicago with my friend Liz, and I’m therefore gonna forgo the whole critical engagement with the ad industry thing and just tell you a story. So a couple days ago, I was riding the train, when a super […]

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Steve Lambert with Alan Abel and Ron English

I’ll be giving a short talk for part of Gelf Magazine’s Non-Motivational Speaker series. If you haven’t seen Abel Raises Cain, it’s great. And Ron English you’ve probably seen already. From Gelf’s site: Culture jammers and pranksters will be this month’s topic. Featured speakers are Alan Abel, perhaps the most infamous prankster in American prank […]

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No Lo Necesitas

You Don’t Need It, en español. Already on their way to Barcelona and Peru. This sticker accompanies our english version, and english stencil version. As always, available FREE – just send a self addressed stamped envelope to: The Anti-Advertising Agency c/o Eyebeam 540 W. 21st St. New York, NY 10011 We’re relocating! Will be out […]

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Murketing: Absolut international incident?

from R. Walker at Murketing: Strange Maps, via The Plank: This map, used in a Mexican ad campaign, shows what the US-Mexican border would look like in an ‘absolut’ (i.e. perfect) world: a large part of the US’s west is annexed to Mexico. Needless to say this map made its way to ‘El Norte’, annoying […]

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Branded Event Radicalizes Mommy Bloggers

An exclusive branded vacation/soiree intended for some mommy bloggers—but not others—succeeded this week in raising some questions about transparency, PR, and free shit. Not, surely, the kind of buzz the fancy party was intended to start. The party was thrown by market giant Johnson & Johnson. The location was DisneyLand, owned by the Disney Company, […]

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Good Signs from Ray Beldner

Ray Beldner: The Word on the Street March 28- June 14, 2008 at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art From the exhibition description: The Word on the Street, neon signs by Ray Beldner, is an installation in the gallery’s front windows at 560 South First Street. The Word on the Street is part of […]

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