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We are not an advertising agency

I get a few emails a year from people asking us for rates. I know it says “Advertising Agency” in the name, but some people just don’t read any further. I suppose I should be honored that our parody of the industry gets past some people. Usually I ask them to have a closer look […]

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Quick Links

Athiest Bus Ads may run in England. Charlie Todd at Urban Prankster reports that the “creatives” at a Portuguese marketing company used Improv Everywhere’s Food Court Musical to sell napkins – even using the same song and lyrics. Jordan at Public Ad Campaign learns that Philadelphia is adding digital LED signs to the sides of […]

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Dinosaurs Hate Illegal Advertising

from Dinosaur Comics

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NYT: City Room Blog – Ad or Art? Chanel’s 2.55 vs. Zoning’s C5-3

Vinyl billboard blankets have been draped over all kinds of buildings, but they’re not usually found obscuring the glittering luxury outlets along East 57th Street. Chanel, however, has done that very thing: hanging a big piece of vinyl over its building at No. 15, promoting Mobile Art, an exhibition by the architect Zaha Hadid that […]

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Obama’s Record Spending on Advertisments

This New York Times article from Saturday, October 18th takes a look at Obama’s recent spending flurry. Ads in Guitar Hero? I hear he can shred on Master of Puppets. I’m sold.

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Introducing comment voting & any other requests?

I added comment voting to the site this weekend, so you can vote up or down on all the comments on the site. This provides a form of feedback for readers on other readers comments. Hopefully it will become useful as readers begin helping to filter the comments using the tallies. It’s sort of a […]

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PSAs can’t beat Prudent Boozers

The language isn’t bad, it’s what you say Casual visitors to the Anti-Advertising Agency site might find it odd or incongruous that we take issue with advertising, and yet use advertising methods in our projects. But they misunderstand. It’s not the method as much as the content. The core methods used to speak to a […]

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If CBS Outdoor had their way…

This is what the London Underground would look like: from Public Ad Campaign: This is a bizarre little video done by CBS to showcase their future products and subway station domination in the future. Without any people or sense of place the subway system is turned into corridors and vistas whose sole purpose is to […]

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Quick Links

What I’ve been reading this week: New York Magazine on “Product integration, 30 Rock, and the trouble with using brands to write TV.” New York Magazine (again): “Slice and Dice – One man’s vandalism is another’s political art. Just ask Poster Boy, the Matisse of subway-ad mash-ups.” Art Vs. Advertising – compiling info you may […]

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Demand a Read/Write City

This is graffiti: it’s spray paint it’s done without permission on someone else’s property it’s illegal politicians hate it It’s the expression of a citizen (or small group of citizens) in public space speaking to fellow citizens. Anyone, willing to take the legal risk, can do it. This is advertising: it’s printed vinyl it’s done […]

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“Live without dead time”

For those of you in New York City, tonight provides a rare opportunity to see one of Guy DeBord’s Situationist films during “Views from the Avant Garde” at the New York Film Festival. The film is called ” In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.” It’s very rare and, from what I hear, VERY inspiring. […]

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Sorry Amber, for Calif. Republicans you’re just not as important as this precious, precious money.

The L.A. Times is reporting Clear Channel has its eye on 674 state owned digital billboards on California Highways. The billboards were installed to alert drivers to road hazards and for Amber Alerts providing “urgent bulletins in the most serious child-abduction cases.” But now the state is listening to Clear Channel. Apparently California needs money. […]

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Yes, please, can I pay for your spam!?

Marisa pointed out this hilarious SPAM FAIL. After registering for *free* tickets to a concert, she was prompted to pay $25… for “xxxxx” spam. Really. Pay for spam. Though it is so badly mangled that it is unclear if they were selling advertising or selling spam. Overall, total spam FAIL

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AAAFFF Award Ceremony Coverage

Announcing the winner of the Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom Award; Sarah Gibble! Read Sarah’s tale of how she was sucked into the advertising industry vortex and how she escaped!

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