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surfrider foundation: catch of the day. « shape+colour

Emailed to me by the great Andrew Boyd: This is smart. Super smart. It’s getting more and more rare to see an actual, honest to goodness guerilla campaign that involves both a surprise and an insight tied together with a purpose. Slapping decals on the hand-rests of escalators just isn’t enough anymore. To bring some […]

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Is there a word for the irrational and/or rational fear of becoming the target of direct marketers? Advertisaphobia? Adverphobia? Adphobia? Ad-phobia?

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Its Tappening: Bottled Water is Joke

The folks at Tappening have released one of the funniest and smartest PSA-ish social education campaigns I’ve seen in a long time. Well, maybe since the New York Times Special Edition. Reports are these cute single color posters with white lies about the bottled water industry will be hitting the streets of NYC soon, if […]

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For all the graffiti haters…

Ironworkers spray paint names of young cancer patients onto the beams of the Yawkey Center going up at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  The building’s steel skeleton is now a brightly colored, seven-story monument to scores of children receiving treatment at the clinic. from Boston.com, photo by David Ryan

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PSAs can’t beat Prudent Boozers

The language isn’t bad, it’s what you say Casual visitors to the Anti-Advertising Agency site might find it odd or incongruous that we take issue with advertising, and yet use advertising methods in our projects. But they misunderstand. It’s not the method as much as the content. The core methods used to speak to a […]

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To Offset or Not to Offset…

I know, total cliche’d title. Oh well. I bought carbon offsets on a Continental flight. I particularly like the fact that you could choose your own science… and your own cost… I really wonder about offsetting. For a while I thought of it as a useful costing mechanism. And planting trees is a barely useful […]

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Inflatable Polar Bears – Environmental Defense Fund PSA

Inflatable Polar Bears – Environmental Defense Fund – Very Short List Bravo, the environmental defense fund appropriates street art and gets it right. Mass communication can be a powerful thing when not used to sell cars.

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The Bright Idea Shade

Bright Idea Shade from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo. Oh advertising. Yes it can be shallow and harmful. But I have such great respect for it because the tools at work can be so effective – in social marketing for example. Which is part of the idea behind this whole AAA project.  And those ideas seep […]

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Raisin Brahms

Raisin Brahms (excellent pro-Art-ed video PSA) via simon jolly and boing boing

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Dothegreenthing.com: Tears Of A Cloud

YouTube – Dothegreenthing.com: Tears Of A Cloud

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Totally lame ad, or… Scientology Trap!

Oh Tom Cruise. Only a 124? Is this really an IQ test, or is it a Scientology Facebook trap! Oh those tricky Scientologists… I guess sitting around in the Union Square subway station just isn’t bringing in enough cult initiates.

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“Montauk Monster” is a “Marketing Monster?”

Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo has done something inbetween suggest and imply that the “Montauk Monster” is nothing more than a publicity stunt to sell Snapple’s “Venom” energy drink. He writes The response has been generally good-humored and filled with crypto-intrigue regarding the fact Dr. Pepper/Snapple’s Venom Energy Drink would offer a bounty for the live […]

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NYTimes: Warning – Habits May Be Good for You

An interesting article which also serves as an introduction to the field of social marketing. P.S. Advertisers thinking about applying for the Foundation For Freedom; social marketing qualifies as new employment and, as one of the jurors, I look favorably upon it! Check out the article: A FEW years ago, a self-described “militant liberal” named […]

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