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Enjoy the weekend!

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Smart License Plates: A Very Dumb Idea?

via Ban Billboard Blight Do you think the idea of California license plates than can show electronic ads is: 1.  A great idea, about time. 2.  Possibly questionable, but let’s study it. 3.  One of the top ten worst ideas of all time. If you answered yes to #1, don’t bother reading further.  If you […]

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Consumer Reports: California considers ads on car license plates

Facing a $19 billion deficit, California is seeking creative solutions to its budget shortfall. The state legislature is considering a program that would allow advertising on license plates, according to the Associated Press. The bill would require new, digital plates, with ads appearing in the space currently occupied by the familiar numbers and letters. The […]

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Scented Billboard Stinks

From AAA reader David Z… In Mooresville, N.C a highway billboard advertising steak sold at Bloom/Food Lion, a grocery store, does more than ruin the visual landscape. It wafts onto motorists the smell of cooking meat. That’s right, it’s a scented billboard. From the local Fox News channel: The scent is emitted by a high-powered […]

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