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Starting Points for Ideas

We share the following questions which are a starting point for our ideas. Many of these questions we don’t have answers for. We would like to see work from artists that can inspire further critical thought by asking more questions and beginning to provide some well-developed answers. Visual imagery is a language. What does the […]

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Collected Articles

“Army’s War Game Recruits Kids” by Joan Ryan “Does it Pay to Subvertise?” by G. Beato – Mother Jones Magazine Critiquing advertising criticism “Commercial Rebellion” by Warren Berger Advertising co-opts “culture jammers” Paris Citizens Counter Subway Advertising Advertising on Police Cars from Police and Security “Fly The Friendly Ad Sluts” by Mark Morford of […]

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Creative Work Fund Press Release

The Creative Work Fund Announces $526,000 in Grants to Literary and Visual Artists for Collaborative Projects. Press Release

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