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gorilla making guerilla advertising

So this is what the Guerilla Girls have come to? Derivative advertisements for advertisements. Pay SVA 30K+ a year to learn how to be an illegal marketer. Great.

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To Offset or Not to Offset…

I know, total cliche’d title. Oh well. I bought carbon offsets on a Continental flight. I particularly like the fact that you could choose your own science… and your own cost… I really wonder about offsetting. For a while I thought of it as a useful costing mechanism. And planting trees is a barely useful […]

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Who is more green?

Um, a picture (of words) is worth a thousand words: Do I even have to explain why this is so retrograde? Oh Facebook. Or, maybe it might work… do pledges work? I know that competition has been shown to work in reducing energy use.

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Add-Art is now Firefox 3 compatible!

Great news; Add-Art, the Firefox browser extension that replaces ads with art is now Firefox 3 compatible. The extension blocks advertising and replaces it with art images that change every two weeks. The art comes from contemporary artists and curators – read a review from Rhizome. If you’ve been waiting for Add-Art to work in […]

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Product Placement in Music

Last month Jeff Crouse received an email from Adam Kluger asking if Jeff wanted his fake, Second Life sweatshop “Double Happiness Jeans” featured in the lyrics of a Pussycat Dolls song. Jeff wrote back a hilarious response. Then Kluger threatened us with a lawsuit for… well, whatever straws were in reach. You can read about […]

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AAAFFF Award Ceremony Tonight!

Other Options: Panel discussion + AAAFFF Awards Ceremony Eyebeam September 19, 7PM 540 W. 21st St. Panelists: Josh Greene, Service-Works; Geraldine Juárez, Tanda Foundation; Joanna Spitzner, JS Foundation. Moderated by Abigail Satinsky and Ben Schaafsma of InCUBATE and Sunday Soup Granting Fund. Followed by the Anti-Advertising Agency (Anne Elizabeth Moore and Eyebeam senior fellow Steve […]

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The Penguin “gets it”

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Inflatable Polar Bears – Environmental Defense Fund PSA

Inflatable Polar Bears – Environmental Defense Fund – Very Short List Bravo, the environmental defense fund appropriates street art and gets it right. Mass communication can be a powerful thing when not used to sell cars.

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Advertising wont solve economic problems for NYC

Another bad deal to trade public space for money from The New York Sun: Council Member David Yassky of Brooklyn is calling for the city to begin allowing advertising on municipal trash cans and suggested that such a move, which he estimated could bring $2.5 million in revenue, would help during difficult economic times. “We […]

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Murky(ting) Water

Tap’dNY bills itself as a New York City bottled water company with a local twist and knack for honesty. We don’t travel the world from Fiji to France seeking water or offer the usual bottled water gimmicks. We work with NYC’s public water system to source the world’s best tasting tap water, purify it through […]

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Announcing: One Lucky Former Ad Pro to Take Home Giant Check from 2008 AAAFFF Awards Celebration

 Official Foundation for Freedom Press Release
 September 12, 2008 Contact: Anne Elizabeth Moore and Steve Lambert – FFF (at) ANNOUNCING: ONE LUCKY FORMER AD PRO TO TAKE HOME GIANT CHECK FROM THE 2008 ANTI-ADVERTISING AGENCY FOUNDATION FOR FREEDOM AWARD CELEBRATION Gala Event on September 19 to Grant One Lucky Ad Industry […]

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In Florida, Billboards Trump Trees : NPR

excerpted from – In Florida, Billboards Trump Trees : NPR Highway 192 used to be exceptionally plain. It was lined by weed-filled ditches, with no sidewalks and poor lighting. It was drab. So the property owners voted to tax themselves $29 million to make the roadway safer and prettier. “Look at it today,” says Lizasuain. […]

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“Bomb It” Documentary

Within the first minute of this interview with Jon Reiss about his new documentary “Bomb It” Reiss cuts to the heart, talking about the battle for public space between graffiti writers and advertising. If you don’t “get” graffiti or what the big deal about public space is, this might be the movie for you. You […]

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RL Spam

courtesy of Difusor.

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the latest news

Quickstyle: 1. Where’s our Anne Elizabeth Moore been? Reporting on the RNC police state crackdown. You can read about it on Daily Kos. 2. Jordan Seiler is finding Midtown is full of illegal billboards. 3. Jordan also found an Avenue C mural that’s been covered with ads. Boooo! 4. If you care about changing the […]

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