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Who Hates Guerilla Marketing in Boston? (Updated again)

Today in the NY Times, CNN, and news stations across the country you may have heard about bomb scares in Boston that turned out to be guerilla marketing. It’s well known that marketing steals ideas from artists. But the connections are rarely so clear as they are in this case, and we don’t often get […]

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Free Shopdropping Workshop at Eyebeam NYC

Shopdropping Workshop with The Anti-Advertising Agency Feb. 10, 2007 12-6pm Eyebeam – 540 W. 21st Street Just added, dates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina – please contact us for details

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What advertisers pay to catch your wandering eye

From GOOD Magazine: A great video version of an even better piece from Good Magazine. The video shows how much various advertising spaces cost. (And don’t forget, it’s all tax deductable as a business expense.) I picked up Good in a grocery store around New Years and was very impressed. The issue I have (#2) […]

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Free Laser Cut Stencils

Yes, 100% free! Thanks to Eyebeam’s OpenLab, we can make available free laser cut stencils of our You Don’t Need It sticker. Of course, you can always make your own, but it sure is easier to get them in the mail. Read on for details…

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NY Times on Saturation Advertising

The New York Times has done a good overview on the desperate attempts of advertisers to “get over the clutter” resulting in a proliferation of advertising on every possible blank space in U.S. cities.

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Sáo Paulo Bans Outdoor Advertising in 2007

From last month’s New York Times and posted here in case it becomes difficult to access in the future. And a special note of hope to residents of the United States: as fantastic as a the Sáo Paulo ban sounds, remember that Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine have all banned billboards in their state. There […]

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AMNY: Chase Caves on Illegal Sidewalk Ads

AM New York reports on more illegal advertising in New York (see also NY Press’ story on illegal scaffolding advertising). “The bank is promising the city it will turn off projectors at about two dozen branches that have been casting the company’s big blue logo onto sidewalks. The decision followed press inquiries about the advertisements, […]

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