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Add-Art is now Firefox 3 compatible!

Great news; Add-Art, the Firefox browser extension that replaces ads with art is now Firefox 3 compatible. The extension blocks advertising and replaces it with art images that change every two weeks. The art comes from contemporary artists and curators – read a review from Rhizome. If you’ve been waiting for Add-Art to work in […]

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“We’re All Going To Die,” Industry Laments . . . Again

An article in yesterday’s AdAge titled “Ad Skipping? Just Wait. It’s Going to Get Worse.” bemoans last week’s US Court of Appeals ruling that would allow—oh, it’s bad—”network DVR” technology, essentially allowing viewers at home to watch whatever they want on cable, whenever they want to watch it, without buying any fancy new equipment or […]

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NYC: Pandamonium

Pandamonium is a costumed, roving, street party, apocalyptic, dance, rock, battle. Saturday August 16th, Meetup 8:30 pm Union Square NYC! This comes from several trusted sources. Everything else about it is secret. Have some fun on Saturday before summer ends and it’s too cold to roam around the city dancing in a panda constume with […]

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IllegalBillboards.org is a new effort launched by the Anti-Advertising Agency with IllegalSigns.ca to help organize and support the removal of illegal billboards in New York (we’ll get to the rest of the country soon I hope!). IllegalBillboards.org consists of a forum and blog where you can learn how to investigate an illegal sign and track […]

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“Circulars” from MOMO

MOMO KILLS IT!!! So simple. So great. Be sure to check out MOMOSHOWPALACE YouTube – MOMO’s Circulars.

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OFFFice Fire Sale!

OK, really there is nothing for sale–we’re a noncommercial enterprise in a noncommercial space!–but, sadly, the Foundation For Freedom Temporary World Headquarters at Mess Hall is coming to a close. We’d like to thank you for your dedicated support and attendance during the last month. You’ve helped us accomplish: An 11% raise in funds over […]

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The AAAFFF Presents: The Cut-n-Paste Ad Offer Responder!

If you run a website or blog, chances are your email inbox is filled to brimmin’ with offers from friendly advertisers willing to allow you a once- (or maybe twice!) in-a-lifetime opportunity to display their content on your site. Sometimes, sure, they offer to pay for the marketing work you’re doing on their behalf, but […]

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Weekend of Independence Workshops: Saturday July 5, Chicago oFFFice

The co-founders of the Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom, Steve Lambert, CEO of the Anti-Advertising Agency, and Anne Elizabeth Moore, Executive Director of the Foundation For Freedom, present four FREE workshops this weekend at our oFFFices to celebrate your personal independence from oppressive working conditions! The Workshops 1:00pm Redefining Your Skillset: Putting Together a Great […]

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YouTube: Monetizing Alleged Copyright Violators—And Skirting the Law

My friend Franklin Lopez—videomaker extraordinaire—recently received a bizarre notice in his inbox regarding a show he produced reusing some Universal Music Group (UMG) imagery. The note stated in part, “Your video is still live because UMG has authorized the use of this content on YouTube. As long as UMG has a claim on your video, […]

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New Project: Add-Art; replaces online ads with art

Add-Art is a free Firefox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images. Created with the support of Eyebeam, Rhizome, Add-Art releases new art shows every two weeks and strives to feature contemporary artists and curators. The plugin works alongside AdBlock Plus, which blocks online ads, and simply replaces that blank space with […]

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GRL Movie: Torrent It.

Excerpts of the Graffiti Research Lab – The Complete First Season on BoingBoingTV: This five minute excerpt has ads, but you can get the whole DVD – with no ads – as a torrent – start here. Not sure? Here’s a well written review of the movie from Kevin Flanagan of the P2P Foundation: My […]

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BLF Escape; Publish Book!

Our pals at San Francisco’s Billboard Liberation Front, feeling the heat after their recent ATT/NSA campaign, “decided to temporarily relocate to safehouses on the European continent.” While hiding out they spoke at The Game is Up! in Ghent Belgium and distributed one of their many valuable texts. The new PDF of their The Art & […]

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Unmarketable in Columbus and Chicago: featuring the AAAFFF and Pamela Anderson in a bikini

Hey! I’m doin’ some stuff! Friday April 25, 6 pm: Wexner Center, 15th and High St., Columbus OH Unmarketable reading and 2008 AAAFFFA application drive (see reviews below) Friday April 25, 8 pm: Sporeprint Infoshop, 172 E 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH Unmarketable slide talk featuring Pamela Anderson (see reviews below) Sunday April 27, 7 pm: […]

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Steve Lambert with Alan Abel and Ron English

I’ll be giving a short talk for part of Gelf Magazine’s Non-Motivational Speaker series. If you haven’t seen Abel Raises Cain, it’s great. And Ron English you’ve probably seen already. From Gelf’s site: Culture jammers and pranksters will be this month’s topic. Featured speakers are Alan Abel, perhaps the most infamous prankster in American prank […]

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No Lo Necesitas

You Don’t Need It, en español. Already on their way to Barcelona and Peru. This sticker accompanies our english version, and english stencil version. As always, available FREE – just send a self addressed stamped envelope to: The Anti-Advertising Agency c/o Eyebeam 540 W. 21st St. New York, NY 10011 We’re relocating! Will be out […]

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