I’m not going to link to it

I’m not going to link to it, because if I do, they win.

There is a mock-scandalous advertisement out there for cologne, or underwear, (or cologne-and-underwear) that has some actress showing some nipple. They submitted it for TV, got rejected, and are now all mock-righteous.

OF COURSE IT WAS GOING TO BE REJECTED! That was the whole plan. And then a bunch of bloggers would write about it, and the YouTube video would get millions of free impressions. Cheap advertising.

Which is why I’m not going to link to it.

But I will say that I slowed it down to check, so you didn’t have to, and frankly the web video quality was so crappy that I couldn’t even see the nipple. Maybe on HDTV (but it ain’t ever gonna get on HDTV…) So it is double hype.

N.B. this is the first AAA post tagged “sex.” Steve, how did that happen?

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  1. Hey Michael,

    What would be great is if you described it in some detail so as not to heighten to interest in it, but quell it, permanently.

  2. mandiberg says:

    Its one of those writhing on a bed under a sheet ads. With some really out of focus abstract shots from far away. And there are a couple of closer-ups where the acress turns, and you think you might be able to see nipple (b/c you’ve been told you can see nipple) but online video being what it is, i couldn’t really tell. And its all in black and white. Its all over faster than it seems like it should be. And you are left totally unsatisfied, but with the damn brand name stuck in your head. Hence, I protect the viewers from that’ mind-branding.

  3. mkorsakov says:

    So why writing about it in the first place? Just to remind that you’ve also noticed that damn ad?

  4. No no. We’re working out ways of being critical of the industry without also allowing it’s consumerist messages to seep into that criticism. (Check Unmarketable for more: http://www.thenewpress.com/index.php?option=comtitle&task=viewtitle&metaproductid=1662)

    We’re operating in a context where viewers’ interest decides the bottom line and where name recognition outlasts the available spending dollar—anybody wondering how the ad industry’s thriving during two international wars (for the first time in history) and a domestic recession?—and not in an environment where actual spending determines marketplace merit.

    So thanks for the further info Michael. Although I also feel like I should apologize that you didn’t get to see any nipple.

  5. Anonymous says:

    obvious troll is obvious

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