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Selling ad space on city property is not “creative”

Proposals of selling ad-space on things like firetrucks and are often framed as “getting creative” by the city councilmen that propose them. In fact, it’s not creative – it’s poorly thought out, and shortsighted. These proposals are bad deals that don’t solve fiscal problems (at best, they’re a drop in the bucket). Real creativity would […]

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Virgin America goes “street” – why?

Dear Virgin America, This really doesn’t make any sense at all to me. These stencil ads are spray-painted around my neighborhood in Brooklyn. They’re for a Virgin America campaign. I know this because I fly Virgin America. Of course I’m very reluctant to remotely endorse any commerical product on this site, I gotta tell the […]

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Assuming There’s a New York Times in 2040, I Hope It’s Not This One (from Technologizer)

Filing this one under “not creative” I just went to NYTimes.com, as I do multiple times a day. A split-second after I arrived at the homepage, it was covered up with a full-page ad overlay. That was irritating, but I’m willing to tolerate some annoyance in return for excellent free content. I found this particular […]

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No one cares that much about Butterfinger

What do you do when no one cares about your brand? AAA reader James Ewert reports: So apparently Butterfinger doesn’t think Chicagoans value the surface area of their skulls. Next Thursday the candy bar is making a desperate plea for attention by inviting folks to a Chicago barbershop to shave their heads and have a […]

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Orbitz Ad: Distinct Lack of Imagination

“Michael Kraus saw the alert about the long taxi line. So he called his brother who lives nearby and got a ride home. Now he owes him a turkey sandwich.” So advertising is about imagining potential futures. It is about hope, and aspirations and dreams. Is getting a ride home from the airport all those […]

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NYTimes: The Image Is Familiar; the Pitch Isn’t

A whole story on advertising ripping off art and no mention of Sam Ewen and Interference Inc. and Graffiti Research Lab? Passed on by Packard Jennings. The Image Is Familiar; the Pitch Isn’t IN February 2007 the Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay was installing a solo exhibition of his work in Paris when he received an […]

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