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David Shrigley

    A David Shrigley piece just sent to me from my friend Christina Kral.

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Public/Private Partnerships: Will Commercialization Save Our City Parks? | Ban Billboard Blight

  A great post over at Ban Billboard Blight about the move to allow advertising in Los Angeles Public Parks.   Public/Private partnerships. At last week’s meeting of the L.A. City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee, the term kept bobbing like a life preserver grasped for by city agencies at risk of being drowned in […]

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Yep, these cereal boxes light up

via hackaday “Yep, these cereal boxes light up. They’re using a new branded-technology called eCoupling that provides electricity via induction, which means the shelves have a coil with AC power running through it. The “printed coils” on the boxes allow inventory control and data exchange presumably thanks to a low-power microcontroller. But in the video […]

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The LAMPlatoon: Commercial Remixing Puts Ads on Notice

The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) believes that educated consumers are the key to meaningful media reform. In addition to bringing media literacy training to youth, parents and educators throughout New York City, The LAMP recently launched LAMPlatoon, a video project exercising Fair Use rights to talk back to and engage with commercials and media […]

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Advertisers Trademark the Phrase “Radical Media”, Targeting Activists

    A corporate media group has trademarked the phrase “Radical Media” and has issued a cease and desist letter to activists using it in the title of their conference, which takes place in London later this year. The advertisers, @Radical Media, have forced organizers to change the title of the gathering to Rebellious Media […]

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