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Sao Paulo: Before And After

via Ban Billboard Blight.

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Public/Private Partnerships: Will Commercialization Save Our City Parks? | Ban Billboard Blight

  A great post over at Ban Billboard Blight about the move to allow advertising in Los Angeles Public Parks.   Public/Private partnerships. At last week’s meeting of the L.A. City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee, the term kept bobbing like a life preserver grasped for by city agencies at risk of being drowned in […]

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Support Unlogo, a Corporate Identity Media Filter

Friend of the AAA and occasional contributor to this site, Jeff Crouse, has a new project he’s trying to get some support for.  Unlogo is a web service that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from your personal media. From Jeff: On a practical level, it takes back your personal media from the corporations and […]

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Billboard in Japan Can Determine Your Age and Gender, Recommend Soft Drink Based on Profile

Post from SlashGear It seems that Japan is taking these interactive billboards seriously. When the idea was first postulated, it seemed that only vending machines would be getting the makeover, and the interactiveness would be limited to simply getting directions and picking your favorite drink. But, now a 47-inch (the vending machines were “only” 46-inches) […]

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This makes me angry

This makes me wish I had a big fat marker with me to cover this up in something other than this insidious shit. And i don’t really ever have the impulse to tag. Canal and Broadway. All you Chisel-tippers and KRINKers go after it.

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Sign Companies, Property Owners, Advertising Agencies, Major Corporations Thumb Their Noses at L.A.’s New Off-Site Sign Ban

Almost a year after the L.A. City Council approved a moratorium on new off-site and supergraphic signs, and four months after it replaced that temporary measure with a permanent ban, advertisers and sign companies continue to wrap, hang, and otherwise display their multi-story supergraphic signs on the walls of buildings throughout the city. So why […]

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Confusing on several levels…

Welcome Kelli Anderson, our newest latest on the Anti-Advertising Agency site. Kelli worked on the New York Times Special Edition designing ads for Dr. Zizmor among other things. Welcome Kelli! “For sale” realty signs are a familiar sight in post-real-estate-bubble Williamsburg. It was only a matter of time until some super clever ad exec co-opted […]

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Portland Summer Advertising Smorgasbord

This is a mixed up collection of funny advertising pictures from my 5 weeks in Portland. Some funny, some tragic, some WTR R U Serious?!! The lamppost with all the flyers for music shows says “Dont Advertise” but… do they mean, don’t advertise anything other than indy rock. Or does no one care? At first […]

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Why It Matters (from Ban Billboard Blight)

Dennis over at LA’s Ban Billboard Blight answers the question “Can’t you find something more important to be bothered about?” Fighting The Outdoor Advertising Invasion: A Trivial Pursuit? From time to time, someone will take offense at our activities on the grounds that advocating for protection of the visual environment from an onslaught of commercial […]

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NYT vs. SF Examiner on illegal storefront billboards

Why is the San Francisco Examiner doing a better job of reporting on illegal advertising than the New York Times? Less than 10 days ago the Times published a story on billboards appearing on vacant storefronts. It almost reads like an ad itself: Taking advantage of all the abandoned retail spaces in urban areas, marketers […]

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The NY Street Art Takeover Map

via publicadcampaign.com: View NYSAT Project Map 04-25-2009 in a larger map This map shows illegal/unpermitted NPA City Outdoor locations located in Lower Manhattan. All the ads together cover approximately 29,450 square feet of our public environment. On April 25th approximately 30 participants whitewashed nearly 120 street level billboards in broad daylight between the hours of […]

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Virgin America goes “street” – why?

Dear Virgin America, This really doesn’t make any sense at all to me. These stencil ads are spray-painted around my neighborhood in Brooklyn. They’re for a Virgin America campaign. I know this because I fly Virgin America. Of course I’m very reluctant to remotely endorse any commerical product on this site, I gotta tell the […]

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NYT: Reporting a Crime as a Business Opportunity

Just sent the following letter to the New York Times: Re: As Storefronts Become Vacant, Ads Arrive Peter Sherman of advertising firm BBDO was quoted in your story, “All you have to do is walk out the door for lunch and notice the number of vacant storefronts — and they tend to be in prime […]

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Whitewashers from NYSAT

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Cash-Strapped L.A. Times Shills Shamelessly for ‘The Soloist’

The once-mighty Los Angeles Times, which is fighting for its life, is under fire by its staff for a four-page Sunday advertorial section promoting the movie “The Soloist,” which carries the Times’ logo and contains an interview with its columnist Steve Lopez, who is played by Robert Downey Jr. in the movie opening on April […]

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