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Public Ad Campaign: Should OAC’s Be Subject To The Same Penalties Grafitti Writers Face?

Should Outdoor Advertising Companies Be Subject To The Same Penalties Grafitti Writers Face? BC Biermann, a PhD Assistant Professor of Film/Media Studies California Baptist University – Riverside has recently published a paper on “Spatial Distributions of Power: Illegal Billboards as Graffiti in Los Angeles.” In it he argues… “While graffiti has regularly been prosecuted as […]

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From the Archive… Q: Head Scarf?

From October 2008… this post was caught in WordPress limbo. I publish it now, well after this NYC microtrend has gone national, if not global. The questions remain the same, the scope has just increased… I’ve noticed a new NYC microtrend of people wearing billowy checkered cotton scarfs around their necks. They remind me distinctly […]

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NY Street Art Takeover Microsite

Learn all about the New York Street Art Takeover!

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Who owns & who controls public space?

Two things happened on my bike today, one which is about advertising and the other isn’t but both are about public space and it’s uses and controls. One: who owns the street sign posts This morning I rode my bike to a not-so-close subway stop because I had to run into Manhattan for a meeting […]

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Ad Creep: Health Insurers Bribe Users of Facebook’s Mafia Wars

I guess there is a reason they call it Mafia Wars. Business Insider has broken a story about insurance company shills paying Facebook users into sending emails to their Congressional Representatives opposing health care reform. This is interesting in the context of the Health Care debate (see the attempt to push Komen for the Cure […]

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Give me my damn three feet!

Steve sent me someone’s inquiry that came in off of the AAA contact page. Usually these are either “hey you guys rock” or they are lost advertisers who try to sell ad space somewhere they shouldn’t and don’t get it when we shame them. Here’s the full email. I put it out there in full, […]

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Google Plans to Upgrade Old Billboards in Street View

Now we know what Google would do. What would you do if you had the ability to take over every billboard? According to a new patent that was just granted to Google, the company could soon extend the reach of its advertising program in Google Maps to Street View. This patent, which was originally filed […]

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DOOM Display Billboards « Urban Prankster

If you were a video game geek in the early 1990’s, this is probably up your alley. A quartet of street artists named Mr. Talion, Epoxy, Baveaux, and Kone have added the heads-up display from the first-person shooter computer game DOOM to a number of billboards throughout Berlin. You can see more here. via DOOM […]

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MySpace Replaces Embedded Imeem Playlists With Ads

By friend of the AAA, Eliot Van Buskirk at Wired Magazine Imeem users, bloggers and web users are in for another nasty surprise following MySpace’s acquisition of “certain parts” of the service. MySpace has replaced Imeem songs and playlists embedded on blogs and elsewhere on the web with advertisements for generic ringtones and the MySpace […]

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Public Ad Campaign: Situationist Methodology Still Sits Well With Me

Someone left a copy of Overspray Magazine at my studio the other day and as I thumbed through it I came across this small blip on Urban Pranksterism. There were some fun quotes I thought were relevant as we redefine some of the motivations for our work to help guide us forward in this new […]

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