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This makes me angry

This makes me wish I had a big fat marker with me to cover this up in something other than this insidious shit. And i don’t really ever have the impulse to tag. Canal and Broadway. All you Chisel-tippers and KRINKers go after it.

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Yes, please, can I pay for your spam!?

Marisa pointed out this hilarious SPAM FAIL. After registering for *free* tickets to a concert, she was prompted to pay $25… for “xxxxx” spam. Really. Pay for spam. Though it is so badly mangled that it is unclear if they were selling advertising or selling spam. Overall, total spam FAIL

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Who is more green?

Um, a picture (of words) is worth a thousand words: Do I even have to explain why this is so retrograde? Oh Facebook. Or, maybe it might work… do pledges work? I know that competition has been shown to work in reducing energy use.

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Olympic ad wrap up: We at the AAA can’t have much of an olympic ad piss party because we were so disgusted by the political and social justice issues surrounding the olympics themselves. We were too busy watching our friends and allies get abused, detained and harassed while most tv viewers drooled over swimmers’ abdominals. […]

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Orbitz Ad: Distinct Lack of Imagination

“Michael Kraus saw the alert about the long taxi line. So he called his brother who lives nearby and got a ride home. Now he owes him a turkey sandwich.” So advertising is about imagining potential futures. It is about hope, and aspirations and dreams. Is getting a ride home from the airport all those […]

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Putting the P.C. in P.W.C.

I’m not sure which is worse, painting yourself in corporate war paint, or choosing Native Americana as the theme of your corporate picnic? Either way Price Waterhouse Coopers is coming out on top! This was the scene at the annual Dragon Boat festival that happened a week ago here on the beaches just outside of […]

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