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Portland Summer Advertising Smorgasbord

This is a mixed up collection of funny advertising pictures from my 5 weeks in Portland. Some funny, some tragic, some WTR R U Serious?!! The lamppost with all the flyers for music shows says “Dont Advertise” but… do they mean, don’t advertise anything other than indy rock. Or does no one care? At first […]

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James Powderly back in US

James Powderly just returned from being detained in Beijing. Having spoken to James, this short video is really just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a bit more at artnet, and the Brooklyn Paper and more to be published in the days to come. James is one of the founders of the Graffiti Research Lab […]

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Olympic ad wrap up: We at the AAA can’t have much of an olympic ad piss party because we were so disgusted by the political and social justice issues surrounding the olympics themselves. We were too busy watching our friends and allies get abused, detained and harassed while most tv viewers drooled over swimmers’ abdominals. […]

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GRL’s James Powderly Detained in Beijing

EYEBEAM PRESS RELEASE: No word from the American artist 24 hours after being taken into Chinese custody. Powderly was in Beijing to unveil a project made with pro-Tibet activist group. New York City, August 19, 2008, 7:30PM EST- Artist and Eyebeam alum James Powderly was detained by Chinese authorities in Beijing early Wednesday, according to […]

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Dangerous Business

Now, I like your freedom of speech as much as the next gal—technically more, probably—but i’m not about to get all up in arms because some ad industry blog has been receiving death threats for discussing a campaign that links government-backed violence, human rights violations, the Olympic Games, and the Chinese government. Especially when journalists, […]

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