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Vintage Ad Browser

A site called Vintage Ad Browser has over 100,000 categorized advertisements from today all the way back to the 1840s. Categorized by type and date. A great resource for research. (tx @twhid)

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Be-twix and ad and a hard case

So the question is… is this a twix advertisement? or was it just that cool to paint a Twix logo on the back of your white portable radio in the heyday of 80’s graffiti-cool? Picture via Mariasa Olson’s flickr set IMG_FAN

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Dangerous Business

Now, I like your freedom of speech as much as the next gal—technically more, probably—but i’m not about to get all up in arms because some ad industry blog has been receiving death threats for discussing a campaign that links government-backed violence, human rights violations, the Olympic Games, and the Chinese government. Especially when journalists, […]

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A Blast from the Ad Past

Funny or Die posted up some golden oldies from the thirties. These are the choicest cuts of retroactive poor taste. Taglines include “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette,” “They’re happy because they eat lard,” and my favorite, “Eat! Eat! Eat! And always stay thin” which is an ad for sanitized tape worms. Really, […]

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Steve Lambert with Alan Abel and Ron English

I’ll be giving a short talk for part of Gelf Magazine’s Non-Motivational Speaker series. If you haven’t seen Abel Raises Cain, it’s great. And Ron English you’ve probably seen already. From Gelf’s site: Culture jammers and pranksters will be this month’s topic. Featured speakers are Alan Abel, perhaps the most infamous prankster in American prank […]

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120+ years of hating advertising

Thanks to Rob Walker for allowing to take this post entirely from his blog, Murketing, cause it’s just so good. One of my running themes is that there is nothing new about contemporary consumers being fed up with advertising. We hear all the time about supposed discovery that what sets today’s consumers apart is that […]

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Et Cetera

Finally, a company to keep track of product references in rap lyrics. American Brandstand Looking To Rent A Billboard? You probably can’t afford it. http://www.outdoorbillboard.com/ Celebrate Advertising Week New York City! Public Relations even harder at work. http://www.advertisingweeknyc.com/ American Association of Advertising Agencies We’re still waiting for our complimentary membership. http://www.aaaa.org/ Outdoor Advertising Association of […]

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