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Posterchild’s Blade Diary » Something Very Special..

From Posterchild’s site: She thought she was just helping me out with another street art project; I kept this covered until after it was installed and after the unveiling I was expecting some kind of reaction- but it took a little while to convince her that this was a proposal for real, and not just […]

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Free Billboard Lobbyist Sanitizer Now Available for All Members of Council (from

It is looking like City Council will debate the new signs by-law and billboard tax on Tuesday December 1. According to the City’s Lobbyist Registry, billboard industry lobbyists have had over 80 closed door meetings with City Councillors in the past month alone. As a result, has designed, manufactured and is now distributing these […]

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Interned for an ad agency?

Have you interned at an advertising agency? Help out this UMass student with his doctoral research… Seeking Reflections on the Internship Experience in Advertising Agency Settings My name is Chris Boulton. I’m a doctoral student in Communication at UMass, Amherst and I’m developing a dissertation about entering the advertising industry. Specifically, I want to hear […]

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Exactly what are you selling me?

Give me Capitalism or Give Me Deatlh & Make Love not Capitalism On the LES of NYC. Too slick. What are they selling? Whose campaign is this? Just imagine for a moment: you sit down for dinner, and you are asked, would you like bottled, tap, or enhanced water tonight? is this a self help […]

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Two Steps Back – No on Prop D in SF

Thanks to Anti-Advertising Agency’s Legal Analyst, Paul S., for weighing in on this controversial ballot measure in San Francisco… San Francisco has a proposition on the ballot today which seeks to blow a huge hole in the city’s municipal billboard ban. Proposition D, if passed, will allow high definition electronic billboards to be placed on […]

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