Bus Stop Bench Project

The Anti-Advertising Agency and Packard Jennings’ Oakland based Bus Stop Bench Ad Project has 2 parts. For the first part, the Agency created a survey to poll residents in the neighborhoods surrounding 10 Oakland bus stops regarding what advertising tactics they found most bothersome in their neighborhoods. Then Jennings developed targeted illustrations for each neighborhood and the team installed the work.

A virtual tour of the benches

Details of the illustrations

Survey Postcards

Hundreds of these postcards were used to gather data on concerns in the area.

Gallery Installation

This work was shown at Catharine Clark Gallery in April 2006 and included a Bus Tour organized by the gallery.

Installation view at Catharine Clark Gallery

Installation view at Catharine Clark Gallery

In 2009 the bench was shown at Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles.

Project Background

As an artist who works regularly with problematic social issues, Packard Jennings has had an adversarial relationship with advertising for a long time. Working with the Anti-Advertising Agency Jennings created a series of anti-advertisements for Oakland bus benches based on manipulative tactics commonly used by advertisers, such as: the manufacturing of desire, using fear, targeting children, and racial and sexual stereotyping.

The artwork address’s community concerns about advertising in our public spaces. Members of each neighborhood contributed to the anti-ads by filling out a brief survey on advertising’s tactics. This survey was taken door to door within a one-block radius of each target bus stop. The results were charted, and the largest average concern dictated which anti-ad was placed at that area’s bus stop.

Bios of Packard Jennings and Steve Lambert can be seen on our staff page.

You Don’t Need It Stickers

As a side project, the AAA produced a thousands of “You Don’t Need It” stickers given away for free. This side project exploded and was featured in several magazines and on NPR’s Bryant Park Project.

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