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Sign Companies, Property Owners, Advertising Agencies, Major Corporations Thumb Their Noses at L.A.’s New Off-Site Sign Ban

Almost a year after the L.A. City Council approved a moratorium on new off-site and supergraphic signs, and four months after it replaced that temporary measure with a permanent ban, advertisers and sign companies continue to wrap, hang, and otherwise display their multi-story supergraphic signs on the walls of buildings throughout the city. So why […]

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Spam Infographics

Spam is the definition of disruptive advertising — tirelessly attacking inboxes with thinly-veiled (although delightfully ridiculous) sales pitches: “I know what women do on the farm. NEVER leave them there lonely!” and promises: “Your little friend will turn from a small pumpkin to a big king!” However, spam is a much broader social phenomenon: it […]

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Corporate Giving, Social Networking, and the Devil

Corporate giving is a bad enough deal with the devil, but take corporate giving and mash it up with social networking, and wow! Not only does chase have you scurrying about to give them PR/branding impressions, they get all your personal data in the process.

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NY Street Art Takeover Mini Documentary

how did I not see this before?

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2012!! In your face advertising! (from Funny or Die)

It’s funny because it’s true. 2012!! In your face advertising! – watch more funny videos

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Office Tenants Plagued by Series of Illegal Supergraphic Signs; Do the L.A. City Attorney and District Councilman Care?

Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco, New York; what big city has the outdoor advertising industry under control? Last March, we reported on the case of an illegal supergraphic sign advertising Chase Bank installed over the second-floor office windows of a building at 7201 Melrose Ave. The city issued a citation to the building owner, Macculloch […]

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Billboard Companies Protest Billboard Tax…On Illegal Billboards – from Torontoist

The billboard industry is—obviously—in the business of getting messages across. This they have managed to do, with a vengeance. In anticipation of today's City Council debate on a proposed new billboard bylaw and tax, the billboard industry has been using its own platform to communicate its deep opposition to these measures. The Out-of-Home Marketing Association […]

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