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Arguing From Both Sides

Sao Paolo’s Billboard Ban is about to have it’s first birthday. The ban went into effect and remains, despite threats of multiple lawsuits and cries about the loss of (corporate) free speech issued this time last year. For example: But advertising and business groups regard the legislation as injurious to society and an affront to […]

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Packard Jennings in NYT

AAA member, Packard Jennings, who worked on the Bus Stop Ad Project, had a project on the front page of the New York Times on monday. The article discussed shopdropping and referenced the Anti-Advertising Agency’s shopdropping workshops for the PeopleProducts123 project. Update: Here’s some tv news coverage, with our friends from the Center for Tactical […]

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Our Brands, Ourselves

Thanks to R.Walker, I came across the following post by Paul Lukas, who’s excellent ‘zine, Beer Frame, I discovered in my first year of college. Paul puts together some compelling arguments for keeping logos off team sports uniforms and in doing so, brings up some other interesting ideas about commercialism and our culture. His latest […]

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Charlie Brooker’s 10 Biggest Cocks in Advertising

Yes, “Cock” is in the headline. I never said this was a family blog. A friend just sent these two bits of simple genius. You probably don’t want to watch this too loud at work, depending on where you work. I can’t make any sense over what the BBC does and doesn’t bleep. Also the […]

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Marketers, the Military, and Me

You may have heard already about the A&E billboard beaming audio to the street in New York City. A speaker mounted above the billboard sends ultrasound waves from 7 stories up to a specific location below. Because it’s highly directional, for people outside the target area it’s hardly, if at all, audible. Here’s a demonstration […]

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Postcards from Our Awesome Future

Packard Jennings and I recently asked architects, city planners, and transportation engineers, “what would you do if you didn’t have to worry about budgets, beauracracy, politics, or physics?” Ideas from these conversations were then merged, developed, and perhaps mildly exaggerated to create a series of 6 posters for the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Art on […]

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Facebook Business Solutions

Emily’s been working on a piece about Facebook’s creepy Beacon software (you probably heard about it in the news). But in the midst of the controversy Facebook has taken the marketing of social networking profiles to a whole new low with Did they think we wouldn’t notice? It starts with Facebook Surf and goes […]

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Fake CEO Blogs

via Joey Skaggs’ The Art of the Prank: Posted by harshavardhan on Thought Beans Blog, November 2, 2007: The Fake CEO blogs, have become a big buzz in the blogosphere. Amongst the fake blogs, the Fake Steve blog is most popular. It is written by Daniel Lyons, a senior Editor at Forbes Magazine. It took […]

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“Real beauty” from the makers of Axe?

From our pal Carrie McLaren over at StayFree Magazine: It’s been a while since we checked in on the Dove “Real Beauty” campaign, but I would feel remiss in not pointing out the new round of criticism its getting. If you haven’t seen them, the Dove commercials are as genius as they are insidious (see […]

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In the meantime, other things you can do with signs…

I’m behind on my editing duties after returning from Barcelona. There will be posts coming soon, but here’s something to hold you over… thanks to Julia Schwadron for sending this my way.

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120+ years of hating advertising

Thanks to Rob Walker for allowing to take this post entirely from his blog, Murketing, cause it’s just so good. One of my running themes is that there is nothing new about contemporary consumers being fed up with advertising. We hear all the time about supposed discovery that what sets today’s consumers apart is that […]

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Gooble Gobble! We Accept You! Capitalism’s own freak

In West LA, a 56 year old homeless man, John Jermyn, has inspired a clothing “brand” created by a handful of 23 year olds that’s sold alongside Gwen Stefani baby clothes and Posh Spice jeans. John Jermyn’s sister has mentioned that he’s a schizophrenic and that homelessness is a problem that is not being taken […]

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Para Los Gente de la Conferencia en Barcelona a CCCB

Gracias por venir. Este es las photos de mi presentacion, sin audio, en flash. Es 56mb, por tanto darle tiempo. ¿Tiene Preguntas? Escribirme (pero es mejor si en Ingles, si possible). Lo siento, yo no se hablar o escribir Catalan. Vale. And in case my Spanish is as bad as I think it is, here […]

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