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L.A. Weekly Reporter Wins Top Press Club Award For Investigative Article on Billboards

Congratulations to Christine Pelisek, whose L.A. Weekly article, “Billboards Gone Wild,” won this year’s L.A. Press Club Award for best hard news story in newspapers of more than 100,000 circulation. This article that focused on the woeful job the city has done controlling illegal billboards brought the issue to widespread public attention for the first […]

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Ad Nauseum comes out today

Carrie McLaren and Jason Torchinsky’s book, “Ad Nauseum: A Survivor’s Guide to American Consumer Culture” comes out today.  I have a copy and as a long time fan of Stay Free! magazine and, later, writer for the Stay Free! blog, I was still surprised at the great content I missed or forgot about.  This morning […]

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Stay Free! on WNYC

Jason and Carrie from Stay Free! were on Brian Lehrer today talking about Ad Nauseam. You can listen to it here:

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From Jitterbug to Twitter, Motivating Each Generation to Buy

I received this today in my inbox. I don’t think there is any commentary needed: Hello Michael, Been wondering about this multi-generational workplace, how social media plays out with each generation and what it really means for how business will be conducted in the future? I have been invited to conduct a training class with […]

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Why It Matters (from Ban Billboard Blight)

Dennis over at LA’s Ban Billboard Blight answers the question “Can’t you find something more important to be bothered about?” Fighting The Outdoor Advertising Invasion: A Trivial Pursuit? From time to time, someone will take offense at our activities on the grounds that advocating for protection of the visual environment from an onslaught of commercial […]

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End of Advertising (Igor Stromajer)

the end of advertising is actually the beginning of the rebirth of minimalist painting From Facebook Gallery: “No Logo (The Future of Advertising is Here?)” Stadtmitte U-Bahn Station, Berlin; 9 June 2009 photo by Igor Stromajer

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Chicago Tribune: City losing war against sight blight

There’s a great op-ed in the Chicago Tribune by John McCarron. It starts: “Chicago’s landscape is being swamped by a sea of unsightly billboards, advertising benches and illegal signs because of a toothless zoning ordinance that city officials admit cannot be enforced.” Change is all around us, but in Chicago some things never change. Things […]

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Taxi Advertsing FAIL

Nothing quite so (dis)comforting as the blue screen of death in place of the usual taxi ads. Note that the failed program is “Advertising”

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NYT: DoB Removes sign with 103 violation notices

From The New York Times City Room blog: For several years — in spite of 103 violation notices issued against it — a three-story, wrap-around billboard has blanketed the lower floors of the 19th-century Cushman Building, 174 Broadway, at Maiden Lane. On Thursday, clearly feeling that its enforcement efforts had been lost on OTR Media […]

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