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They said it…

“We as a business cannot afford to have a customer take a second look and ask, ‘Do I need this?’ ” said Bud Konheim, the chief executive of Nicole Miller. “That is the kiss of death. We’re finished, because nobody really needs anything we make as a total industry.” from Fashion and Style in the […]

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Secret Dialogue: The Rob Walker Interview

Rob Walker’s upcoming book, Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, is a compelling narrative of consumer culture, drawn occasionally from his regular notes from the field for the New York Times Magazine. Multinationals don’t determine brand meaning, he argues. People do. Yet people don’t tend to leverage that […]

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Advertising Age: “We Hate Ourselves”

Ok, I’m paraphrasing. Here’s some choice excerpts from the piece: Self-loathing has become all too commonplace in marketing, as Bridge Worldwide CEO Jay Woffington sees it, and not entirely without reason. Young marketers or agency executives don’t take long to learn they’ve dedicated their lives to creating stuff people seek to avoid, and with increasing […]

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Intro to Add-Art

This video will give you a brief intro to Add-Art and demonstrate how to install the add-on to your Firefox browser. If you have any additional questions, check out the forums – Intro video Remix Contest on – $100 prize. Introduction to Add-Art from Steve Lambert on Vimeo.

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New Project: Add-Art; replaces online ads with art

Add-Art is a free Firefox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images. Created with the support of Eyebeam, Rhizome, Add-Art releases new art shows every two weeks and strives to feature contemporary artists and curators. The plugin works alongside AdBlock Plus, which blocks online ads, and simply replaces that blank space with […]

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“Where’s my stickers?”

During the recent rush of attention I ran out of “you don’t need it” stickers and needed to order more. Those came, and then I quickly ran out again. I just dropped a couple hundred letters in the mail box (see photo above) and there’s more stickers on the way. They’re coming! Also, thanks those […]

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How to Live in a City

YouTube – How to Live in a City While decades old, this reminds me of the great videos about public space, city planning and transportation put out by StreetsFilms right now. But how did they make a film about public space in New York in that era without Jane Jacobs?

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Subway Poster Remix Graffiti

(via Adam Rosen and these guys)

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Casino markets services to gambling addicts, gets hefty fine

Today’s Crane’s Chicago Business story, Casino fined $800K for marketing to banned gamblers, describes a hefty fine awarded Hollywood Casino (in Aurora, IL) by the IL Gaming Board for sending 146 problem gamblers coupons and other promotional materials as part of a marketing campaign. The recovering addicts had even signed up for a self-exclusion problem, […]

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Steve Lambert at New Museum Thu. May 22

As part of the release of Add-Art, I will be on a panel with other Rhizome Commission winners, Evan Roth (of Graffiti Research Lab) and Ben Engebreth, eteam, and Rafael Rozendaal. Add-Art is the web browser plugin that replaces advertising on the web with art from a curated database. I have been working on with […]

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Brand Necromancy

Introducing the first post from guest conributor, Michael Mandiberg. You may know Michael as the creator of “The Real Costs” (see video) and “Oil Standard” FireFox plugins, as well among many others. He is currently a fellow in the OpenLab at Eyebeam. Some people think he is hunky. River West is a company that […]

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Conflux Festival Accepting Submissions

The Conflux Festival is accepting submissions for 2008. Conflux is the annual New York festival for contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological and social practice. At Conflux, visual and sound artists, writers, urban adventurers and the public gather for four days to explore their urban environment. People from a […]

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Classic KAWS Footage From 1997

I remember seeing KAWS work in San Francisco when I was temping in downtown office buildings. It was a black and white ad for something in a Market Street kiosk and there was a green, multi headed snake attacking the model in the photo. I remember studying it trying to figure out if it was […]

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How Valuable Is Our Public Space?

How valuable is our public space to advertisers and marketers? An anonymous agent of the Anti-Advertising Agency made some calls. How much does it currently costs to have street level ads in a city like San Francisco? Here’s some examples. Market Street Kiosks. Background: Three sided containing four by six foot poster advertisements. Introduced to […]

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Giant floating bubbles?

Update: here’s a video we found on youtube (which doesn’t seem top-secret) Are we one step close to a Blade Runner-style dystopian future in which giant blimps float over our city-scapes broadcasting advertising? Well, that might be a bit extreme, but we certainly are a at the point where modern science as seen fit to […]

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