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We’re Looking For Interns

The Eyebeam Labs, and thus the Anti-Advertising Agency, are looking for interns. Specifically, we’re looking for interns experienced with video, OR web, OR general research who are also interested in themes the Anti-Advertising Agency deals in. Know anyone? The official call is below. Contact me at eyebeam – slambert [at] – if you have any […]

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How Advertising Will Undo Itself (scenario one)

An AdAge story from earlier this week reports on charges of hypocrisy leveled against Unilever for two separate ad campaigns for two distinct products in its portfolio: Axe, a men’s perfume that is ascribed all sorts of woman-controlling properties in ads, most of which involve her removing clothing in the wearer’s presence, and Dove, a […]

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Farm Aid

If you’ve been out to a show, club, bar—or hell, just outside your house lately—and you live in an urban area and are a certain kind of person (say, tattoo-having, or pierced)—you’ve likely been offered the exciting opportunity to receive, free of charge, a few boxes of Camel cigarettes. By some funny-colored-hair dude. Just for […]

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Steve Lambert Speaking In Barcelona

Next week I head for Spain to talk at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona’s “NOW Meetings in the Present Continuous“. I’m on a panel with Richard Sennett and Pierre Humeau and looking forward to a long overdue trip to Europe.

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Pirate Ship 2.0

Internet rogues are swashbuckling into your operating system using pirate-like advertising portals. These virus infested banner ads have been popping up on legitimate websites like and and reroute your browser, without clicking, to an antivirus website that automatically downloads harddrive scanning malware disguised as a flash file, trapping you in the site until […]

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“Ad Agency” Photo Exhibit at Boston University

This show includes some favorites of mine, Matt Siber and Hank Willis Thomas, and the site includes an Educator’s Guide for all you teachers. Nice! This group exhibition brings together photo-based work that mimics or addresses the language of advertising and product photography as well as work that mines or alters catalogues, print ads, products, […]

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Estonian Ekspress Interview

Estonian Ekspress

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San Francisco to cut outdoor advertising?

A proposition was on San Francisco’s city election ballot yesterday which would put the city on the path to reducing outdoor advertising. I honestly have not heard much about Proposition K in the run up to the election. The proposition would: Declare that the proliferation of advertising in the public right of way contributes to […]

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Oakland’s Ban on “Visual Blight” Upheld in Court

There was a pretty significant legal victory in the battle between local communities and the national advertising industry this week. It seems that the city of Oakland, California decided that one way to improve the town was to stop any new billboards and other outdoor advertisements. One of the ordinances prohibits ads on billboards designed […]

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