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You Don’t Need It – Stencil

Just made available a stencil version of our “You Don’t Need It” Sticker. The file is a pdf, which you can scale to any size you like. Glue the paper printout to something heavier, like a manilla folder. Then carefully cut out the black areas with an X-acto knife. The stencil is then ready to […]

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5 Samaras Project Post Cards

We have available for download the set of 5 postcards (9.1mb download) distributed in the Samaras Project (example above). Each postcard is intended to promote a different alternative economy existing within the U.S economy. For more information, check

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A Quick Guide to Ad-free Web Browsing

Sure, everyone is tired of flashing, jittery messages about credit scores or mortgage rates, but criticism of banner ads and other online advertising has almost become cliché. The backlash has resulted in every current browser offering a pop-up blocker. But it still seems almost impossible to use the web without becoming the collateral damage of […]

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