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IllegalSigns.CA, we love you.

If you ever looked at the overwhelming amount of advertising in urban spaces and questioned whether or not you can make a difference, you most certainly can. Meet Rami Tabello, the man behind my new favorite website: IllegalSigns.CA. The Toronto based site tracks illegal signs, as well as lax enforcement through freedom of information requests […]

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New term, folks: “Damnvertising” is when a new ad campaign or mode of advertising comes along that is so brilliant, it makes you go, damn! Which is exactly what I said to myself when I received a forwarded press release heralding the arrival—finally!—of Handvertising. Handvertising, according to the press release, is a new advertising trend […]

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Ad-Free Blog & Keep Your Day Job

Ad-Free Blog is a simple site that caused a lot of controversy. Two pages were set up about 2 years ago to supply a graphic for blogs declaring “This is an Ad-Free Blog.” The creators, Keri Smith and Jeff Pitcher, have popular blogs themselves and were receiving solicitations for advertising as well as “mentioning” products […]

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Protect Your Right to be Spammed!

The spin on this direct mail campaign to save direct mail is near Luntz Levels. (I just coined that phrase, you read it here first!) Apparently our own Emily Gallagher has been mistaken for the over 60, easily conned, coupon filled fanny pack demographic, as she received this call to action in the mail recently. […]

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15 Unfortunately Placed Ads

Oddee has an amusing post showing ads placed in an unfortunate context. And remember, that unfortunate context can easily be created with some well placed stickers or paint.

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Boston Boots Musicians for Marketing Messages?

I love seeing amazing musicians performing in subways around the United States. When I worked in community radio, I even recruited some for on-air performances. I haven’t been to Boston in close to 10 years, but I remember the music I heard performed on the subways. Much like BART in the Bay Area, Boston’s MBTA […]

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Mutant Postcards From Athens

A group in Athens called pSit has sent me some photos of a project they completed recently using the “free postcards” one finds in cafes. The postcards are all advertisements that marketers hope you will find amusing and send to your friends – like a direct mail campaign where you pay for the postage. (These […]

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Logo Motto Flickr

2 projects: LogoMotto is a very simple page that randomly juxtaposes a company logo with another’s company slogan. It’s funny, though I’m not entirely sure I can explain why. Clicking through a few combinations of logos and mottos in new contexts had me realizing how bizarre and controlled these short phrases and little graphics are. […]

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Playing Catch Up

It’s been quiet here for a while. I’ve been busy these past few weeks on a side project for Conflux. But more than that, a big new project with Packard Jennings (see Bus Stop Ad Project) has been taking up most of my time. It’s finally done and will be installed on Market Street in […]

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