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Eyebeam Fellowship Apps Due Aug. 6

Eyebeam’s R&D, Production, and Education Labs are accepting applications for fellows for 2007/2008. The R&D OpenLab is where I have been a fellow since November of 2006 and has been the home (and genesis of) the Graffiti Research Lab since early 2006. The lab is a very collaborative environment, so consider applying. More info can […]

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The high cost of free email

Introducing a new blogger, Paul Sachelari, Esq. Paul is the AAA’s legal counsel and will (hopefully) sneak away time from his busy schedule to occasionally write for us. –Steve I was reading this article in the San Francisco Chronicle the other day, and it raised some serious issues regarding the insidious nature of advertising in […]

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Do you want TV ads on Bart?

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is considering adding televisions to their trains and platforms, which would show 20 minutes of advertising per hour. The article mentions the advertising becoming a source of revenue for transit, although BART has a surplus this year, and according to BARTs estimates the additional revenue would, at best, be .01% […]

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Urban Art Workshop – Madrid

Fresh from our inbox are the results of a workshop in Spain that seems to have come off rather well! (Look for the sticker on the top corner of the image on the left.) Check out the site for more.

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AAA Sound Units in Rotterdam

The Anti-Advertising Agency’s Portable Sound Units, a project done in collaboration with Sara Dierck and Michael Dodge, will be shown in Rotterdam at ROODKAPJE art space. “GIMMEGIMME!” opens July 20th and includes a variety of artists who give their work away for free. There is a free catalog available for download.

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Estonia on PP123

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XXL Stencil Instructions

As promised, I’ve posted more instructions on how to do some previous projects – tools, techniques, and tricks . This round I explain how I made extra large, clear stencils to paint out poster advertising in the Mission District of SF in 2000. Because it can be done in high traffic areas in the light […]

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If only we’d thought of it…

In May 2003, two young filmmakers disguised as “managers” cut the red ribbon and invited 3,000 people to clamor greedily towards a hypermarket that was, in fact, just a tromp-l’oeil billboard. A long, professionally developed and beautiful ad campaign so persuaded guests that they were shocked when the golden promise of 10 cent mineral water […]

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Quick and Dirty Low-Tech Ad Buffer

I posted an improvised ad-buffing tool I made recently onto instructables. It costs less than $6 and can obscure advertising up to 12 high (or higher if you find an extending pole). It’s not the most sophisticated, but it gets the job done. Please, make your own and put it to use! I might post […]

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Live active culture!

The blog posted some amazing Brazillian ads for yogurt on Friday. The tagline, when loosely translated, reads, “Forget about it. Men’s preferences will never change.” The images are voluptuous takes on famous film stills. It’s got me thinking, well… why not? Historically tastes have shifted quite a bit. Junichi, the blogger of Poplicks, seems […]

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Webs of Empowerment

I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about the following website. After all, we third wave feminists are always at each others throats for being the “wrong kind” of feminist, since through the past 30 years there have been fads in believing every tangent of contradiction possible. But the website About-Face, I think, […]

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George Saunders on Stay Free!

Stay Free! has a nice interview with George Saunders, author of In Persuasion Nation. His book is on my “to read soon” list, but I’ve heard a few interviews with him and have been impressed with his thoughts on advertising and culture. Here’s some excerpts from the Stay Free piece: STAY FREE!: When you look […]

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