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YouTube – 80s Estonian Meat Commercial

This comes via Merit Karise a professor of media in Estonia who says this is “the best commercial ever made.” I’ll admit, it does have a way of sticking in your head. The YouTube user who uploaded it explains, “An intense meat commercial from Soviet-era Estonia. I’m told that the words “beef” and “chicken” are […]

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DeBeers attempts sleazy take down of parody ad

As you probably heard, on November 12th a group of artists and activists unveiled a “Special Edition” of the New York Times dated “July 4th, 2009” and outlining the end of the war in iraq, a national tax base for schools, and free public universities, among other things. In addition to the print paper, an […]

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NY Times Prank

This is why we’ve been a bit quiet lately. Embedded video from CNN Video New York Times Special Edition Video News Release – Nov. 12, 2008 from H Schweppes on Vimeo.

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The Great 2008 Political Ads That Weren’t Political Ads

Better do this before tomorrow. These are some of the favorites I’ve seen in the past few months. Post your favorites in the comments… From Jon Winet’s Electoral College project (now on Add-Art): Best inadvertent No on Prop 8 in California video (wait for it) Gay Scientists discover the Christian Gene Batman for Mayor – […]

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Hey guess what?

There’s a national election today. What? A hundred other websites didn’t tell you? P.S. Bring your book in case there are lines.

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Drunk Depressed Penguins

Right… so the penguins are loosing their habitat, so what is the solution? DRINK! Denial and commerce: it is the American way.

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