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Who is more green?

Um, a picture (of words) is worth a thousand words: Do I even have to explain why this is so retrograde? Oh Facebook. Or, maybe it might work… do pledges work? I know that competition has been shown to work in reducing energy use.

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Murky(ting) Water

Tap’dNY bills itself as a New York City bottled water company with a local twist and knack for honesty. We don’t travel the world from Fiji to France seeking water or offer the usual bottled water gimmicks. We work with NYC’s public water system to source the world’s best tasting tap water, purify it through […]

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Delete your Facebook

“delete your facebook its the cool fucking thing to do” & “kill your TV” written in sharpie on the wall of a Dunkin Donuts in Spring Creek on the New Jersey shore. Oh Facebook, the rebel tweens are turning on you already.

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You have got to be kidding

Okay, I’m going to come out and probably break with Anti Advertising Agency official policy, and say that I support ad-supported bike share programs. It is kind of making a deal with the devil, but the urban planning benefits have been demonstrated strongly. Getting cars out of the city, is worth the extra visual advertising. […]

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Totally lame ad, or… Scientology Trap!

Oh Tom Cruise. Only a 124? Is this really an IQ test, or is it a Scientology Facebook trap! Oh those tricky Scientologists… I guess sitting around in the Union Square subway station just isn’t bringing in enough cult initiates.

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Orbitz Ad: Distinct Lack of Imagination

“Michael Kraus saw the alert about the long taxi line. So he called his brother who lives nearby and got a ride home. Now he owes him a turkey sandwich.” So advertising is about imagining potential futures. It is about hope, and aspirations and dreams. Is getting a ride home from the airport all those […]

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I’m not going to link to it

I’m not going to link to it, because if I do, they win. There is a mock-scandalous advertisement out there for cologne, or underwear, (or cologne-and-underwear) that has some actress showing some nipple. They submitted it for TV, got rejected, and are now all mock-righteous. OF COURSE IT WAS GOING TO BE REJECTED! That was […]

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Is the Ad Porn more Ad Creep?

The interwebs are abuzz with tittering about the video of a pretty young blond woman who sensually sexually licks nearly every phallic object in the hotel room of a chain hotel. You tube has gone so far as to put a warning that the content is “inapropriate for some users” and requires you to sign […]

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World’s Worst Person Decides To Go Into Marketing

Louis Deenan is the World’s Worst Person. He is going into marketing. He says, “I think it’s the career path that will best utilize my networking skills and my ability to think outside the box,” said Deenan, whose smug, gloating tone and shit-eating smile just make you want to punch his goddamn teeth in. “So […]

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“Montauk Monster” is a “Marketing Monster?”

Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo has done something inbetween suggest and imply that the “Montauk Monster” is nothing more than a publicity stunt to sell Snapple’s “Venom” energy drink. He writes The response has been generally good-humored and filled with crypto-intrigue regarding the fact Dr. Pepper/Snapple’s Venom Energy Drink would offer a bounty for the live […]

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A Blast from the Ad Past

Funny or Die posted up some golden oldies from the thirties. These are the choicest cuts of retroactive poor taste. Taglines include “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette,” “They’re happy because they eat lard,” and my favorite, “Eat! Eat! Eat! And always stay thin” which is an ad for sanitized tape worms. Really, […]

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Saving the Planet one Facebook Ad at a Time

Several people have sent me invitations to this Facebook application called (Lil) Green Patch. The invitation says “Here is a Jenny Appleseed plant for your (Lil) Green Patch. Could you help me by sending a plant back? Together we can fight Global Warming!” So a little research later, I have learned that this game is […]

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Brand Necromancy

Introducing the first post from guest conributor, Michael Mandiberg. You may know Michael as the creator of “The Real Costs” (see video) and “Oil Standard” FireFox plugins, as well among many others. He is currently a fellow in the OpenLab at Eyebeam. Some people think he is hunky. River West is a company that […]

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