“Montauk Monster” is a “Marketing Monster?”

Montauk Marketing Monster

Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo has done something inbetween suggest and imply that the “Montauk Monster” is nothing more than a publicity stunt to sell Snapple’s “Venom” energy drink. He writes

The response has been generally good-humored and filled with crypto-intrigue regarding the fact Dr. Pepper/Snapple’s Venom Energy Drink would offer a bounty for the live capture of the Montauk Monster.

He posts a comment on a previous post that goes further

“And for Venom to so quickly jump in with their ad campaign, utilizing loren of all people, and playing this up so, smacks of hype, Madison Avenue, and frankly muddies the waters where genuine cryptozoological interests can be raised.”

Oh, the Madison Avenue Marketing Monster intrigue…

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