Brand Necromancy

Introducing the first post from guest conributor, Michael Mandiberg. You may know Michael as the creator of “The Real Costs” (see video) and “Oil Standard” FireFox plugins, as well among many others. He is currently a fellow in the OpenLab at Eyebeam. Some people think he is hunky.

River West is a company that buys so-called ‘dead brands’ and brings them back to life. Brands some corporation spent millions imprinting on the American consumer. Brands like Nuprin, Eagle Snacks, Salon Selectives, and Brim. Brands we could do without, but cannot forget despite decades of lapsed production: as River West’s founder says there is “Nothing. All that exists is memory. We’re taking consumers’ memories and starting entire businesses.” NyTimes has the full story, with all of its market research and implanted memories.

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  1. Candice says:

    Coincidentally (wasn’t searching for info, but I read this blog daily, and happened to be in Canada over the last few days), I was buying hair-care products today and noticed Salon Selectives products back on the shelf for the first time in ages. None of the products I’ve used in the past were there. Zero. The packaging and formulation were entirely different, and now I know why. I bought another company’s product. Despite the article I just read… the product I used in the past was NOT apple-scented (I preferred it five years ago because it was “green” but never “fruity”), and it was never packaged in orange (I know it means I’m obviously a sucker, but 99% of beauty products I own are packaged in green) (actually, IIRC, they had different color-coded lines of products once — now they’re all orange?). Everything I liked about the brand has changed but the name, so I walked on by.


  2. Travis M says:

    In response to the above poster, salon selectives never left the shelves here in canada, they had a largely publicised image makeover a few years ago, thats all.

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