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From the CDC: New Billboard Alterations Salute Israel Following Raid on Gaza Flotilla

From the CDC Press Release The California Department of Corrections (CDC) has unveiled a new campaign of billboard alterations on behalf of the State of Israel. On July 28, 2010 a total of nine billboards were apprehended, rehabilitated and discharged throughout San Francisco, including the intersection of Guerrero and 18th Street (see attached photo). Additional […]

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Consumer Reports: California considers ads on car license plates

Facing a $19 billion deficit, California is seeking creative solutions to its budget shortfall. The state legislature is considering a program that would allow advertising on license plates, according to the Associated Press. The bill would require new, digital plates, with ads appearing in the space currently occupied by the familiar numbers and letters. The […]

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From the Archive… Q: Head Scarf?

From October 2008… this post was caught in WordPress limbo. I publish it now, well after this NYC microtrend has gone national, if not global. The questions remain the same, the scope has just increased… I’ve noticed a new NYC microtrend of people wearing billowy checkered cotton scarfs around their necks. They remind me distinctly […]

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Billboard Companies Protest Billboard Tax…On Illegal Billboards – from Torontoist

The billboard industry is—obviously—in the business of getting messages across. This they have managed to do, with a vengeance. In anticipation of today's City Council debate on a proposed new billboard bylaw and tax, the billboard industry has been using its own platform to communicate its deep opposition to these measures. The Out-of-Home Marketing Association […]

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The Great 2008 Political Ads That Weren’t Political Ads

Better do this before tomorrow. These are some of the favorites I’ve seen in the past few months. Post your favorites in the comments… From Jon Winet’s Electoral College project (now on Add-Art): Best inadvertent No on Prop 8 in California video (wait for it) Gay Scientists discover the Christian Gene Batman for Mayor – […]

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Hey guess what?

There’s a national election today. What? A hundred other websites didn’t tell you? P.S. Bring your book in case there are lines.

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Obama’s Record Spending on Advertisments

This New York Times article from Saturday, October 18th takes a look at Obama’s recent spending flurry. Ads in Guitar Hero? I hear he can shred on Master of Puppets. I’m sold.

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Demand a Read/Write City

This is graffiti: it’s spray paint it’s done without permission on someone else’s property it’s illegal politicians hate it It’s the expression of a citizen (or small group of citizens) in public space speaking to fellow citizens. Anyone, willing to take the legal risk, can do it. This is advertising: it’s printed vinyl it’s done […]

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Sorry Amber, for Calif. Republicans you’re just not as important as this precious, precious money.

The L.A. Times is reporting Clear Channel has its eye on 674 state owned digital billboards on California Highways. The billboards were installed to alert drivers to road hazards and for Amber Alerts providing “urgent bulletins in the most serious child-abduction cases.” But now the state is listening to Clear Channel. Apparently California needs money. […]

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To Offset or Not to Offset…

I know, total cliche’d title. Oh well. I bought carbon offsets on a Continental flight. I particularly like the fact that you could choose your own science… and your own cost… I really wonder about offsetting. For a while I thought of it as a useful costing mechanism. And planting trees is a barely useful […]

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The Penguin “gets it”

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New York City’s Struggle to Take Down Illegal Billboards

from the Village Voice with IllegalBillboards.org‘s own Jordan Seiler. City government and citizen vigilantes wage a losing battle against Clear Channel and illegal ads By Elizabeth Dwoskin Over the past seven years, Jordan Seiler estimates that he’s taken down hundreds of billboards, posters, and other signs to replace advertising in public places with his own […]

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