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Invasion of the Boris Bikes « LRB blog

The invasion of the Boris bikes is complete. They stand on street corners, corralled like docile, futuristic horses in their blue harnesses. They’re good bikes – sturdy and solid – with a rather pleasing sit-up-and-beg riding position the better to survey the road around you. Undocking them is also quite fun, like something out of […]

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PublicAdCampaign’s Recent Five

Introducing our newest contributor, Jordan Seiler! Jordan usually writes over at Public Ad Campaign and is a primary driver behind an AAA associated project, illegalbillboards.org.  Jordan is known for his unabashed position on reclaiming advertising space for art.  He not only calls for civil disobedience, but follows through in his own actions. For the past […]

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If CBS Outdoor had their way…

This is what the London Underground would look like: from Public Ad Campaign: This is a bizarre little video done by CBS to showcase their future products and subway station domination in the future. Without any people or sense of place the subway system is turned into corridors and vistas whose sole purpose is to […]

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Ad Creep Hits the Bike Lanes

from treehugger: We have complained before about ad creep, how the public realm is being taken over by private marketers. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that the Egg Farmers of Canada have determined that there are enough cyclists in London, Ontario that they want to pay to advertise to them […]

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