If CBS Outdoor had their way…

This is what the London Underground would look like:

from Public Ad Campaign:

This is a bizarre little video done by CBS to showcase their future products and subway station domination in the future. Without any people or sense of place the subway system is turned into corridors and vistas whose sole purpose is to lead you through one advertising experience after another. Very strange.

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  1. siep@filemobile.com says:

    ehm.. this looks a lot like the current situation in the london underground stations

  2. @siep, I’m so sorry.

  3. bile says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to have mass transportation paid for through voluntary means like advertising and realistic fare prices then forcing people to pay for it through taxation? Many who don’t use the service and even if they did it doesn’t justify the theft of their wages to maintain it.

  4. @bile – “theft of wages” kind of tips your hand there. I can tell you’re not really asking a question and more baiting for an argument, but the idea that mass transit is a burden on the tax system is sort of a myth (http://www.lightrailnow.org/myths/m_000010.htm). If you want to rescue your tax dollars, save them from the highway system.

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