BLF Escape; Publish Book!

Our pals at San Francisco’s Billboard Liberation Front, feeling the heat after their recent ATT/NSA campaign, “decided to temporarily relocate to safehouses on the European continent.” While hiding out they spoke at The Game is Up! in Ghent Belgium and distributed one of their many valuable texts.

The new PDF of their The Art & Science of Billboard Improvement is free to download now.

To whet your appetite for more knowledge, I’ll post the introduction below:

Look up!

Billboards have become as ubiquitous as human suffering, as difficult
to ignore as a beggar’s outstretched fist. Every time you leave your couch
or cubicle, momentarily severing the electronic umbilicus, you enter
the realm of their impressions. Larger than life, subtle as war, they
assault your senses with a complex coda of commercial instructions,
the messenger RNA of capitalism. Every time you get in a car, or ride
a bus, or witness a sporting event, you receive their instructions. You
can’t run and you can’t hide, because your getaway route is lined to
the horizon with signs, and your hidey-hole has a panoramic view of an
8-sheet poster panel.

There are a million stories in the Big City, and as many reasons to want
to hack a billboard. We have our reasons, and we don’t presume to judge
yours. In this manual, we have made a conscious effort to steer clear
of ideology and stick to methodology. The procedures outlined here are
based on our 20+ years’ experience executing billboard improvements
professionally, safely, and (knock wood) without injury or arrest. In most
cases, is should not be necessary to follow the elaborate, even obsessive
precautions we outline here. A can of spray paint, a blithe spirit, and a
balmy night are all you really need.

Blank DeCoverly
BLF Minister of Propaganda

from: The Art & Science of Billboard Improvement

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