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DOOM Display Billboards « Urban Prankster

If you were a video game geek in the early 1990’s, this is probably up your alley. A quartet of street artists named Mr. Talion, Epoxy, Baveaux, and Kone have added the heads-up display from the first-person shooter computer game DOOM to a number of billboards throughout Berlin. You can see more here. via DOOM […]

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Free Billboard Lobbyist Sanitizer Now Available for All Members of Council (from illegalsigns.ca)

It is looking like City Council will debate the new signs by-law and billboard tax on Tuesday December 1. According to the City’s Lobbyist Registry, billboard industry lobbyists have had over 80 closed door meetings with City Councillors in the past month alone. As a result, IllegalSigns.ca has designed, manufactured and is now distributing these […]

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Paintballed Billboards

It’s a shame the billboards were blank… Prague’s street art collective EPOS 257 recently converted some blank billboards into abstract art with the help of a few paintball guns. They write: Shooting into the white surface of vacant billboards with a paintball gun – blank canvasses in an urban environment, a gesture expressing an opinion […]

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DeBeers attempts sleazy take down of parody ad

As you probably heard, on November 12th a group of artists and activists unveiled a “Special Edition” of the New York Times dated “July 4th, 2009” and outlining the end of the war in iraq, a national tax base for schools, and free public universities, among other things. In addition to the print paper, an […]

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NY Times Prank

This is why we’ve been a bit quiet lately. Embedded video from CNN Video New York Times Special Edition Video News Release – Nov. 12, 2008 from H Schweppes on Vimeo.

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Steve Lambert with Alan Abel and Ron English

I’ll be giving a short talk for part of Gelf Magazine’s Non-Motivational Speaker series. If you haven’t seen Abel Raises Cain, it’s great. And Ron English you’ve probably seen already. From Gelf’s site: Culture jammers and pranksters will be this month’s topic. Featured speakers are Alan Abel, perhaps the most infamous prankster in American prank […]

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Facebook Business Solutions

Emily’s been working on a piece about Facebook’s creepy Beacon software (you probably heard about it in the news). But in the midst of the controversy Facebook has taken the marketing of social networking profiles to a whole new low with facebookbusinesssolutions.com. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? It starts with Facebook Surf and goes […]

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Fake CEO Blogs

via Joey Skaggs’ The Art of the Prank: Posted by harshavardhan on Thought Beans Blog, November 2, 2007: The Fake CEO blogs, have become a big buzz in the blogosphere. Amongst the fake blogs, the Fake Steve blog is most popular. It is written by Daniel Lyons, a senior Editor at Forbes Magazine. It took […]

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In the meantime, other things you can do with signs…

I’m behind on my editing duties after returning from Barcelona. There will be posts coming soon, but here’s something to hold you over… thanks to Julia Schwadron for sending this my way.

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World’s Smallest Advert Subvert

With a half-inch sticker you can do so much. Thanks to the anonymous author of this project that popped up on the internet in the past few days.

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