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We got graffiti!

Here are stills of the stencil I put up on the ads that went up on wall outside Eyebeam. And two images from people who answered the call!

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Graffiti Fail (Advertising)

Solving Problems…

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IllegalBillboards.org is a new effort launched by the Anti-Advertising Agency with IllegalSigns.ca to help organize and support the removal of illegal billboards in New York (we’ll get to the rest of the country soon I hope!). IllegalBillboards.org consists of a forum and blog where you can learn how to investigate an illegal sign and track […]

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Why You Should Be In New York July 1st

Activists estimate that half the billboards in New York City are illegal. Between fudged permits, lack of enforcement, and millions in profit, outdoor advertising has become a corporate black market that wont flinch at breaking laws to get your attention. On July 1st, the Anti-Advertising Agency and Rami Tabello of IllegalSigns.ca will give a free […]

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