OFFFice Fire Sale!

OK, really there is nothing for sale–we’re a noncommercial enterprise in a
noncommercial space!–but, sadly, the Foundation For Freedom Temporary World
Headquarters at Mess Hall is coming to a close.

We’d like to thank you for your dedicated support and attendance during the
last month. You’ve helped us accomplish:

  • An 11% raise in funds over the initial investment donated by Steve and I,
    to be awarded one lucky advertiser for leaving the industry!
  • Targeted outreach to Chicago’s top 50 ad agencies!
  • A 400% increase in joy in the advertisers whose lives we touched while narrowly avoiding bonking them with footballs downtown.
  • The creation of a flyer, to be posted along Madison avenue–or wherever you want!–describing our services (see below)
  • The Cut’N’Paste Ad Responder–soon to be a widget maybe!
  • A greater awareness of the possibilities of non-commercial fields!
  • A full day of skills-training workshops over our Weekend of Independence!

So, thanks! We couldn’t have done it without you! But there are still ways
to be involved:

And, of course:

(Applications are due September 1.)

Thanks so much for your support of our important mission. Feel free to keep
in touch!


Anne Elizabeth Moore
Executive Director
Foundation For Freedom

Regain your integrity and be successful

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