No one cares that much about Butterfinger

What do you do when no one cares about your brand? AAA reader James Ewert reports:

So apparently Butterfinger doesn’t think Chicagoans value the surface area of their skulls. Next Thursday the candy bar is making a desperate plea for attention by inviting folks to a Chicago barbershop to shave their heads and have a Butterfinger logo “spray painted” onto their scalp. All for a measly $100 “gift card”, presumably only to be used for purchasing nasty caffinated candy bars. Good luck with this one Nestle. If you go to Butterfinger’s website you can check out pictures of some of the tools who’ve already leased ad space on their crainiums.

(I figured I’d save you the trouble of going to Butterfinger’s website and posted the images below. I’m guessing everyone in these photos is an intern for the marketing company that came up with this. – Steve)

Also, anyone notice that the caffeinated candy bar is “limited edition?” I think that’s a euphemism for “a product failure humiliation safety net.”

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