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bomb proof trash can tv

  1. “Bomb-proof” trash cans in London – Part of “bomb proofing” a trash can includes attaching television that plays ads on the side.  How many trash cans are exploding in London? What ever happened to David Yassky’s proposal to bring ads to Brooklyn’s trash cans?
  2. This guy Dan Paluska has a nice brief post that ties together diamonds, advertising, and John Lennon all in in about 4 paragraphs.  Go see how he does it.
  3. Yes Magazine wrote a handy “how-to guide” that includes some of our work.
  4. Apparently in Canada, all advertising is true.
  5. This ad says “Life is too short, get a divorce” (ouch!)  City has it removed.
  6. I was happy that the NEA’s 50 million was part of the stimulus plan until I read about this stupid f-22 jet. Creative folks gotta stop putting up with being shafted.  This guy has a good take on it too.
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  1. Item #1 is most disturbing….indestructible advertising.

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