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Poster Boy; NYPD You’ve Got The Wrong Man!

According to the New York Times, “Poster Boy” was arrested on Saturday night. While most other street or graffiti artists concentrate on adding their own imagery, illegally, to parts of the subway system, Poster Boy, a kind of anti-consumerist Zorro with a razor blade, a sense of humor and a talent for collage, has made […]

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Photoshopped advertising

They’re all retouched… from epoxy on flickr see also – our post on Detouch (Thanks Kelli)

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“The Dog Dies” all over Los Angeles

via TomorrowMusuem via via Cinema Blend

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The Penguin “gets it”

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Subway Poster Remix Graffiti

(via Adam Rosen and these guys)

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World’s Smallest Advert Subvert

With a half-inch sticker you can do so much. Thanks to the anonymous author of this project that popped up on the internet in the past few days.

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The Bubble Project

Designer Ji Lee’s Bubble Project is a set of stickers in the form of cartoon talk bubbles designed to “transform the corporate monologue into an open dialogue. The stickers encourage anyone to fill them in with any form of self-expression, free from censorship.” There is a manifesto and downloadable PDFs available on his site, www.thebubbleproject.com.

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These posters were created to help promote the agency and provide context for future projects and messages. We also hoped they would drive traffic to the site, and promote the download of our call for entries. Click on the image to download a printable pdf of the poster. Click on the image to download a […]

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AAA Posters

Agency posters pasted up in the streets. More images?

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