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Public Ad Campaign’s Recent Five

1. With a wave of business closures in New York, store fronts are being converted over to street level billboards with little regard for New York City’s sign laws. In these tough economic times it seems cheap adhesive vinyl and corporate crime lose to city permits and legal billboards in the corporate cost-benefit analysis. While […]

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Public Ad Campaign’s Recent Five

Tough economic times call for inventive new ways to use the city, and outdoor advertising is never one to shy away from trying new things, even if they are illegal. Here’s one new form of visual intrusion trying to make its illegal mark on our city. How do you figure out how many illegal billboards […]

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Public Ad Campaign’s Recent Five

1-Does anyone care who Henry Matyjewicz is? I don’t. Why the PosterBoy revolution isn’t about superheroes that look like James Dean. 2-It’s better to get up than not, Shepard Fairey does it legally but with spectacular effect. 3-SCRUB wants you to know how the Newsstand Association of Philadelphia is trying to alter the city streets, […]

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PublicAdCampaign’s Recent Five

Introducing our newest contributor, Jordan Seiler! Jordan usually writes over at Public Ad Campaign and is a primary driver behind an AAA associated project,  Jordan is known for his unabashed position on reclaiming advertising space for art.  He not only calls for civil disobedience, but follows through in his own actions. For the past […]

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