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Corporate Sponsored Pothole Repair!

Guest post from AAA Reader James Ewert: A certain greasy chicken franchise is adding another item to its menu: pothole patching. In Louisville, KY and potentially in a town near you, what was once a city service paid for by tax payers might become another avenue for advertising. The fried chicken restaurant extended an offer […]

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Can we make the airport any more degrading?

We have to dump all of our water, in some cases women are being forced to remove their undergarments, and of course we all have to take off our shoes, now we are forced to look at ads in the process. Not that the security check point was a particularly sacred or peaceful place anyway, […]

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PublicAdCampaign’s Recent Five

Introducing our newest contributor, Jordan Seiler! Jordan usually writes over at Public Ad Campaign and is a primary driver behind an AAA associated project, illegalbillboards.org.  Jordan is known for his unabashed position on reclaiming advertising space for art.  He not only calls for civil disobedience, but follows through in his own actions. For the past […]

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Some things I’ve been meaning to tell you

“Bomb-proof” trash cans in London – Part of “bomb proofing” a trash can includes attaching television that plays ads on the side.  How many trash cans are exploding in London? What ever happened to David Yassky’s proposal to bring ads to Brooklyn’s trash cans? This guy Dan Paluska has a nice brief post that ties […]

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No one cares that much about Butterfinger

What do you do when no one cares about your brand? AAA reader James Ewert reports: So apparently Butterfinger doesn’t think Chicagoans value the surface area of their skulls. Next Thursday the candy bar is making a desperate plea for attention by inviting folks to a Chicago barbershop to shave their heads and have a […]

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Online Ad/Promo/Content Map

Ironically, from an article titled 10 things that won’t survive the recession via “The Triumph of Bullshit” on Tumblr

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More Bad Calls from the NY MTA

The New York MTA, in collaboration with CBS Outdoor, wants to cover the windows of subway cars with advertising. This story at the NYTimes Cityroom blog is peppered with rationalizations from the MTA. Here’s one of my favorites: “[T]ransit officials say that advertising revenue is not the main motivation for the program.” (Transit officials, not […]

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The next frontier for ads – Your geometry quiz

From that bastion of hard-hitting reporting, The USA Today, we get this piece on the pitiful state of our public schools. So when administrators at Rancho Bernardo, his suburban San Diego high school, announced the district was cutting spending on supplies by nearly a third, Farber had a problem. At 3 cents a page, his […]

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NYT: City Room Blog – Ad or Art? Chanel’s 2.55 vs. Zoning’s C5-3

Vinyl billboard blankets have been draped over all kinds of buildings, but they’re not usually found obscuring the glittering luxury outlets along East 57th Street. Chanel, however, has done that very thing: hanging a big piece of vinyl over its building at No. 15, promoting Mobile Art, an exhibition by the architect Zaha Hadid that […]

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Sorry Amber, for Calif. Republicans you’re just not as important as this precious, precious money.

The L.A. Times is reporting Clear Channel has its eye on 674 state owned digital billboards on California Highways. The billboards were installed to alert drivers to road hazards and for Amber Alerts providing “urgent bulletins in the most serious child-abduction cases.” But now the state is listening to Clear Channel. Apparently California needs money. […]

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gorilla making guerilla advertising

So this is what the Guerilla Girls have come to? Derivative advertisements for advertisements. Pay SVA 30K+ a year to learn how to be an illegal marketer. Great.

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Ad Creep Hits the Bike Lanes

from treehugger: We have complained before about ad creep, how the public realm is being taken over by private marketers. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that the Egg Farmers of Canada have determined that there are enough cyclists in London, Ontario that they want to pay to advertise to them […]

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NYT: You Are Here (And Probably Seeing an Ad)

from Jordan at Public Ad Campaign [The] New York Times has an article in the business section about what is now commonly referred to as out-of-home media. “The term has been changed to reflect the expansion into places like, airports, offices, malls, schools and health clubs, where the ads are inside but not inside the […]

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Lucas Conley on the Colbert Report

Lucas Conley discussing branding with Stephen Colbert…

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New York City’s Struggle to Take Down Illegal Billboards

from the Village Voice with IllegalBillboards.org‘s own Jordan Seiler. City government and citizen vigilantes wage a losing battle against Clear Channel and illegal ads By Elizabeth Dwoskin Over the past seven years, Jordan Seiler estimates that he’s taken down hundreds of billboards, posters, and other signs to replace advertising in public places with his own […]

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