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Two Steps Back – No on Prop D in SF

Thanks to Anti-Advertising Agency’s Legal Analyst, Paul S., for weighing in on this controversial ballot measure in San Francisco… San Francisco has a proposition on the ballot today which seeks to blow a huge hole in the city’s municipal billboard ban. Proposition D, if passed, will allow high definition electronic billboards to be placed on […]

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The next frontier for ads – Your geometry quiz

From that bastion of hard-hitting reporting, The USA Today, we get this piece on the pitiful state of our public schools. So when administrators at Rancho Bernardo, his suburban San Diego high school, announced the district was cutting spending on supplies by nearly a third, Farber had a problem. At 3 cents a page, his […]

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Billboard industry gums up anti-blight enforcement in S.F.

The city of San Francisco has been slowly working to enforce a 2002 city proposition which banned new billboards on private property. Of course, we all know city governments are notoriously cash-strapped. So it comes as no surprise that it was only in 2007 that the city had completed a survey of the existent billboards […]

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Giant floating bubbles?

Update: here’s a video we found on youtube (which doesn’t seem top-secret) Are we one step close to a Blade Runner-style dystopian future in which giant blimps float over our city-scapes broadcasting advertising? Well, that might be a bit extreme, but we certainly are a at the point where modern science as seen fit to […]

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San Francisco to cut outdoor advertising?

A proposition was on San Francisco’s city election ballot yesterday which would put the city on the path to reducing outdoor advertising. I honestly have not heard much about Proposition K in the run up to the election. The proposition would: Declare that the proliferation of advertising in the public right of way contributes to […]

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Oakland’s Ban on “Visual Blight” Upheld in Court

There was a pretty significant legal victory in the battle between local communities and the national advertising industry this week. It seems that the city of Oakland, California decided that one way to improve the town was to stop any new billboards and other outdoor advertisements. One of the ordinances prohibits ads on billboards designed […]

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Laws against billboards, how about wrap one?

There appears to be a new phenomenon of people being paid to “wrap” their cars in advertisements as a sort of moving billboard. (article see the article here) I had seen several flatbed trucks which had been outfitted with billboards on the back before, but I have not seen one of these cars yet. Maybe […]

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The Golden Gate Billboard

There was an article in the NY Times today discussing the possibility of getting some sort of “sponsorship” for the Golden Gate Bridge. You know the idea of slapping advertising on everything has gotten bad when people are seriously discussing slapping ads on national treasures. What’s next? I giant “” sign below the Mount Rushmore […]

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The high cost of free email

Introducing a new blogger, Paul Sachelari, Esq. Paul is the AAA’s legal counsel and will (hopefully) sneak away time from his busy schedule to occasionally write for us. –Steve I was reading this article in the San Francisco Chronicle the other day, and it raised some serious issues regarding the insidious nature of advertising in […]

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