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Product Placement in Music

Last month Jeff Crouse received an email from Adam Kluger asking if Jeff wanted his fake, Second Life sweatshop “Double Happiness Jeans” featured in the lyrics of a Pussycat Dolls song. Jeff wrote back a hilarious response. Then Kluger threatened us with a lawsuit for… well, whatever straws were in reach. You can read about […]

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Listening Post: MySpace Play Count Inflaters – The Steroids of the Music Industry

From AAA pal, Eliot Van Buskirk at Listening Post: Approximately two weeks after we reported on TuneBoom Pro, a tool apparently used by major labels and indie artists to artificially inflate the number of times their songs had been streamed on MySpace, the site has gone offline. We had contacted MySpace about TuneBoom Pro, but […]

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So Happy Together, Part Two: Show Me The Money!

Emily Gallagher returns with Part Two of her multi-part examination of advertising and the music industry. Be sure to check out Part One, which gave an overview of how and why advertisers are interested in popular music. And on we go… -Steve This post has been updated! Please see below. Certainly there are musicians who […]

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So Happy Together?

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